Turkcell’s ‘Digital Operator’ application has been renewed

Turkcell offers the ‘Digital Operator’ application, which allows its customers to easily and securely perform transactions such as viewing the remaining amounts and packages on their mobile phones, examining and paying invoices, examining and purchasing devices, applications and packages suitable for them, without leaving their homes or calling the call center. He announced that he renewed according to his demands.


Kadri Özdal, Turkcell Deputy General Manager Responsible for Retail Sales, stated that they further developed the “Digital Operator” application in line with the changing consumer needs during the pandemic period. Özdal said, “Our ‘Digital Operator’ application, which allows our customers to solve all their transactions from their mobile phones in seconds, is in a position to meet all the needs of the ‘current normal’ with its newly added features.

Özdal, the number of installations 58.3 million, three-monthly active user count is in excess of 23.3 million Digital Operator will continue to grow in 2021 emphasized that, “according to the New Digital Operator, users need to easily and Turkcell, Turkey’s first electronic market They can switch between the location of Turkcell Pasaj. The benefits and advantages of our free application to its users will continue to increase ”.


Expressing that the users can easily switch between Turkcell and Turkcell Passage in the New Digital Operator, Özdal said, “The general appearance of the application with the lower and upper menu structure was differentiated on both sides according to the needs. Customers who are not subscribers of Turkcell can also easily access a large number of discounted products and campaigns on Turkcell Pasaj’s home page on the Digital Operator. In Turkcell Pasaj, where many products such as smart mobile phones, smart watches, computers, tablets, white goods and electrical appliances are offered, customers can also benefit from fast delivery and flexible payment advantages with Turkcell assurance ”.

Özdal said that all the operations that users can do regarding their lines in Digital Operator are divided into categories, and functions are collected on a single screen so that the transactions can be accessed easily, “In the new version of the application, all package transactions are positioned on the new packages screen, Turkcell’s digital services such as BiP, fizy, Dergilik and TV + He also said, “It was brought to the forefront.”


Özdal stated that users can carry out number transfer, purchase new line, home internet and Superbox applications and follow-up applications without leaving home via the application, and gave the following information:

“Users can easily purchase packages and campaigns tailored to their needs. They can view their remaining usage, view invoice details, view current invoices and pay invoices. They can discover digital service applications such as BiP, fizy, Dergilik and TV + and download them to their phones if they wish. When they experience search and connection problems, they can provide automatic control from the application and if the problem continues, they can send their requests to us by informing us of their location. Documentary requests can be sent from the application by taking the photos of the required documents. All questions can be answered by texting with the artificial intelligence Turkcell Assistant. At Salla Kazan, they can win surprise gifts every week and see all the benefits and privileges from the Gift Pool. Even if they are not from Turkcell, their favorite tour