TÜBA has published its Natural Gas Workshop Report

In his written statement, Şeker stated that the topics and speakers were determined with a multidisciplinary and scientific approach at the Natural Gas Workshop held by TÜBA.

Stating that a report was prepared within the framework of the issues evaluated within the scope of the workshop, Şeker emphasized that the report will make significant contributions in the preparation of strategic plans and taking into account the short, medium and long term road maps.

Sugar, scientifically and technologically to enable the transition to different dimensions that local and national natural gas sector is important in terms of Turkey’s independence to create attention, the TUBA-Energy Working Group, energy field in Turkey’s needed is scientific and worked in technological issues, information He noted that it produces, evaluates strategic and political views, produces policies, and presents its road maps to the authorities in the form of solution-oriented reports.

Reminding that the Energy Working Group worked on all energy alternatives and prepared reports in the past, Şeker said:

“Energy Working Group, our energy independence of our country, scientific and technological development, creating a corporate structure effective and powers that will contribute to the identification of strategic energy priorities, which of Turkey’s priorities working group housing is conducting studies to seeing priorities. The most important being committed to alternative energy sources in our country quest Indicator, with the recent investments and incentives, solar power plants, wind power plants, hybrid structures, nuclear energy investments, as well as the Oruç Reis, Fatih, Yavuz and Kanuni vessels, which are drilling in the exclusive economic region of our country, are a proof that every opportunity and opportunity are used for access to energy. the newly discovered reserves of Turkey’s initiative in all areas, attempt to, we hope to have a potential to contribute to recovery and growth. to provide more benefits and efficiencies of natural gas exploration in our country in the coming period, the social from the energy dimension All phases, from well-being, from R&D to innovation and technology development, need to be planned today. “

“Investments should be made with special emphasis on this issue”

Sugar, energy is one of Turkey’s largest import item, reported that so important for the country’s prosperity and budget.

By creating alternative energy sources, Şeker pointed out that besides providing sustainable energy, energy costs are reduced and supply security is ensured in this field, “These policies should be considered as a development strategy that will contribute to the employment and welfare of our country as well as making our country a more competitive position in the world markets in the production sector.” used the expressions.

Sugar, stating all the importance of education and human resources to support this work, research infrastructure, scientific and technological capabilities of the new era and noted that Turkey needs to invest to ten years.