Traces insects and identifies new species

Prof. Dr. Özgen, with the support of the university, has been working with academics in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions since 1996 to reveal insect diversity and protect biodiversity.

In the studies carried out with the support of Russian, Italian and French researchers, nearly 50 insect species were identified in 25 years and added to the literature.

Özgen has intensified his scientific studies in the mountains where peace has been established with successful operations carried out by the security forces for the last 5 years.

Finally, in his study in Tunceli, he detected the presence of an insect of the “Rhyparochromus Tisifone Linnavuori” species seen in Iraq in 1990 and recorded it.

“Turkey has many species have gained fauna”

Prof. Dr. Özgen told Anadolu Agency (AA) that efforts to discover new species and increase insect diversity are continuing at full speed.

Expressing that they have been carrying out important studies in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions in provinces such as Elazig, Bingöl, Tunceli and Malatya in cooperation with Russian, Italian and French researchers for 10 years, Özgen stated that these studies and the biodiversity of the region are very important.

Ozgen years ago, scientists from abroad explaining that work in this area, “These studies have covered many species have gained the fauna of Turkey. We give the nearly 50 species of insect fauna of Turkey.” said.

“We are going to the field comfortably”

Stating that he has been working in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions for years, Özgen noted that they were cautious when climbing the land in the past.

Özgen said, “We are going to the land comfortably with the work provided by the peaceful environment in the last 5 years. I think that the environment of peace will make a significant contribution to biological and zoological studies. he spoke.

“We detected the female sample of this insect for the first time”

Referring to recent studies Ozgen, a species of insect seen in Tunceli met for the first time in Turkey, he said.

Özgen stated that in a field study they conducted in the village of Karşılar in Tunceli, they determined the second record of a species in this region after Iraq, and stated that it is a species named “Rhyparochromus Tisifone Linnavuori”.

Explaining that this insect is a pest that has a stinging, sucking structure, Özgen said, “It is a pest that feeds on plants. We have been in this oak, meadow area. The existence and relationships of this insect need to be revealed. It does not cause any harm for human beings. A great being for us. However, the studies on what kind of damage it causes on which plant needs to be detailed. “

Stating that the insect found in Iraq in 1990 was exhibited at the Entomology Museum in Wales, Özgen said:

“There, Dr. Michel Wilson sent us the photo and features of this example. We also examined this example. We first identified the female specimen of this insect. We put forward some of its morphological characters, important characters about its legs. Especially in the world literature, the color of its third legs is brown. “The insect has a size of about 8 millimeters. Our studies on the insect will continue. It is very important that this insect is found in Tunceli after Iraq.”

Özgen emphasized that in order to carry out these studies, researchers abroad need to reach their knowledge and experience and that the country is an important crossroads and crossroads at this point.