‘Towards the end of the year, we are planning to open the phase 3 study to all use’

Stating that 17 projects are being carried out in this area, 7 of them are vaccination projects, Mandal stated that 3 of the vaccine projects are at the forefront.

Mandal reminded that Minister Varank recently shared about the VLP vaccine, and that Minister Varank and he volunteered in the phase 1 phase of this vaccine.

“Phase 1 of the phase 1 study we started on March 27 is about to be completed. Mandal said:

“At the end of this week, we will have our second doses and the phase 1 study will be completed. At the end of this month, once each study goes right, we will switch to the phase 2 study. Follow-up phase 2 study will take place for a period of 1.5 and 2 months. We are planning to start the phase 3 study in August and to successfully complete the phase 3 study towards the end of the year and open it to the use of all humanity both in our country and in the world. “

Mandal stated that there are innovative aspects of the VLP vaccine, “There are currently 4 vaccine candidates in this scope and there is no VLP vaccine that has yet to be used massively. It has been specially developed against Wuhan virus and especially against mutants, because the developed version will also be in use against mutants and the British variation, especially in the phase 2 study. “

Pointing out that the aim of the Kovid-19 Turkey Platform is to use a common infrastructure within the scope of the approach of developing and achieving together, Mandal stated that they observed that 2 drugs at Ankara University and Bahçeşehir University were much more effective than existing treatment methods in their design and pre-clinical stages. Mandal said, “And at the moment, phase 2 studies are starting. The target here is that in August, we hope that these 2 drugs will be available to our people.” said.

“We expect these 2 drugs to be available to our people in August”

Pointing out that the aim of Kovid-19 Turkey Platform is to use common infrastructure within the scope of co-development and success approach, Mandal said:

“Of course, 2 new molecules in medicine and treatment methods, which are the other stages of this process, are starting phase 2 studies this week in the treatment of Kovid-19, which is used for other purposes and used in other diseases. Therefore, it skip phase 1 and directly starts phase 2 studies. One of them is a treatment method called ‘Ribavirin’ developed with our professors at Ankara University, and the other is a drug called ‘Montelukast’ developed with our professors at Bahçeşehir University. We have observed that they are effective and now phase 2 studies are starting. The target here is that we expect these 2 drugs to be available to our people, hopefully in August. “

Mandal emphasized that the Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Institute, where all these studies are carried out, will be a vaccine and drug development center where all stages are carried out, and that the good news of this was given by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on August 9, 2020.

“It will be possible to produce vaccines developed in Turkey as of the fall”

Stating that it will be possible to open a drug and vaccine development center, where all stages will be completed this August, Mandal said that the work to be carried out in this center will be an infrastructure that can be used not only for Kovid-19 but also for future vaccine and drug development studies in Turkey. reported.

Stating that companies in Turkey are making great efforts to develop vaccines and medicines, Mandal said:

“Sometimes it can be misunderstood in social media environments, such as ‘Turkey’s vaccine production is not possible until the end of 2022.’ There is no such situation. It will be possible to produce both our VLP vaccine within the scope of the Kovid-19 Turkey Platform, our innovative inactive vaccine, our adenovirus vaccine, as well as the vaccines that are studied outside of the Kovid-19 Turkey Platform, when the clinical phases are completed, hopefully by our companies in our country this year. “Our Turkish scientists, especially our students, work day and night. Today we all know that we are in a period of restrictions. We are all sensitive on this issue, thank you.”

Prof. Dr. Mandal stated that the work continues here both at the weekend and today, and that their aim is to deliver the vaccine and medicine studies that both the country and humanity need as soon as possible in the fastest and most innovative way.