‘TOGG claims to outpace many of its competitors’

The 7th International Young Businessmen Congress (UGIK), organized by Young MUSIAD with the theme “Notice Tomorrow from Today” continues.

Speaking at the event Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Fatih Mehmet Kacar, Turkey in the last 18-19 years is the average annual growth of over 5 per cent, said that the level of 4 per cent in developing countries this figure.

In Turkey, more than 200 universities of technology acceleration for enterprise programs and more than 80 technoparks is found, the technopark in more than 6 thousand companies and voicing sturtup is located Kacar, until today the completion of 40 thousand R & D projects, 10 thousand projects He explained that he continued and that high technology exports reached 6 billion dollars.

Kacır stated that the annual number of patent applications, which was 400 at the beginning of 2000, approached 8 thousand, and the total number of R&D personnel increased from 49 thousand in 2005 to 183 thousand in 2019.

R & D, which provides information about the increase of the share allocated Kacar, “Therefore, it has become a country where the continuation of R & D activities in Turkey under the leadership of the private sector. The change was very rapid.” he spoke.

“Turkey, wrote almost epic in the defense industry”

Fatih Mehmet Kacar, referring to Turkey’s National Technology Hamlesi launched, this movement necessarily the products to be developed for full independence as an aspect of local and national development and that includes being exported to the world.

Full independence came to mind that the mention of the defense industry, Turkey’s there’s almost summer voicing support Kacar, the words continued as follows:

“In the defense industry, we have become a country that can write global success stories that everyone in the world follows with great interest and carefully. This was possible with very long-term planning and the timely planning and implementation of public-private partnerships. It is difficult to achieve full independence alone with the successes in the defense industry. When we talk about full independence, we need to develop the products that we need to develop in agriculture, food, health, finance, energy and transportation technologies, locally and nationally. Therefore, our primary goal as the ministry is to implement our achievements in the defense industry in these areas.

2023 target; at least 10 unicorn come from Turkey

Industry and Technology Deputy Minister Kacar, global R & D leadership ranking for the first 2 thousand 500 companies in that only 6 companies from Turkey, whereas the 2023 targets 23 said Turkish companies that provide entry into the ranking.

How many, at least 500 thousand in 2023, the programmer does, the investments made in technology-based initiatives to reach the size of at least $ 500 million, he told Turkey’s technologies are aiming to be the unicorn of at least 10 initiatives.

Mentioned the transformation that took place in Turkey voicing electric vehicles and electric car will begin to descend from the band in 2022 Kacar, “we can export to the world and the new project will be a success story we wrote.” used the expression.

Speaking about the electric vehicle revolution in the automobile industry and noting that it is predicted that at least half of the cars sold in the world will be electric 10 years later, Kaçır made the following statements:

“Therefore, TOGG has a claim to surpass many of its competitors by turning to electric vehicle technologies from birth. The projects and brands that have emerged in the world for this purpose have surpassed their much bigger and senior competitors. We sincerely believe that TOGG has the goal of writing a similar success story. We just do not. I suggest you scan the international media a bit. “

“We are preparing very tightly for 5G”

Fatih Mehmet Kacar, referring to Turkey’s success in capturing 4.5g, which they see as a critical area 5g’y told they are prepared much more stringent.

Kacır gave the following information about the studies on 5G technologies:

“In the communication technologies cluster, we are in great preparation as 16 local companies, ULAK, 3 operators, our regulatory institution Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK) and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, the Ministry of Industry and Technology. The Presidency Digital Transformation Office also makes a very important contribution to this process. offers. Turkey, 5G technology to local and national technologies will be crossing as are involved in the process significantly. “