TikTok launched the #Women business in collaboration with ISMEK!

Sunday, March 28, 2021 – 16:38 | Last Updated: 28 03 2021 – 16:38

TikTok and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses (ISMEK) joined forces to support women entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs. Various ISMEK courses within the scope of the campaign will be broadcast live on TikTok LIVE between 26-28 March. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu women entrepreneurs from all over the Turkey was invited to participate in the live course.

TikTok, the world’s leading short video platform, has partnered with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Art and Vocational Training Courses (ISMEK) to showcase the achievements of women entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs and to inspire the broader women’s community on the platform. Celebrating the International Women’s Day with various campaigns throughout March, TikTok will launch the campaign on March 26 with the hashtag # Kadınİşletmeciler, as well as the live workshops prepared by İSMEK, as well as the stories of successful women entrepreneurs.


İSMEK, founded by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1996, serves as an important educational institution that offers contemporary art and craft courses. ISMEK, of which 80 percent of the participants are women, aims to increase the personal, professional and artistic knowledge of the participants by offering free training courses to the public. Thanks to the cooperation of TikTok and İSMEK, İSMEK courses will be accessible in 1 hour sessions on TikTok LIVE. Twenty-one workshop training will be provided by women ISMEK trainers, including jewelry, clothing, cooking, gardening, digital marketing, protection from cyberbullying and technology trainings for those who want to step into the business world.

ISMEK, where 90 percent of the employees are women, is one step ahead in female employment with this aspect. ISMEK’s greatest source of motivation is the strong women who transform their trainings from ISMEK into gain, who can stand on their own feet in this way and participate in economic life.

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu shared his thoughts on the campaign in the video he shared on TikTok as follows: “We have prepared a very special program for all our women entrepreneurs. We have prepared this program so that they can do more productive work with their workshops. Our experienced trainers at ISMEK will share this process with you. We will provide training opportunities for all women entrepreneurs through live broadcasts. Not only Istanbul, Turkey’s women entrepreneurs from all over are invited to our training programs. “


There will also be live interviews on TikTok with four successful women entrepreneurs who rose in their careers with the education they received at ISMEK. In addition to providing useful information for women entrepreneurs with these interviews, TikTok also aims to inspire women. İSMEK will support the campaign by answering the questions of women who fill out the form in the application and submit their questions.

TikTok also encourages women to share their businesses and professional success stories with the hashtag #WomenImEs. Female content producers, including artists, fashion designers and business owners, will share their experiences with women who want to run their own business or need advice to get started.