Three shark species have the ‘glow in the dark’ feature!

A group of scientists doing research off the coast of New Zealand discovered that 3 shark species have the “glow in the dark” feature.

According to the Guardian, scientists from the University of Catholilique de Louvaim in Belgium and the National Institute of Atmosphere and Water (NIWA) in New Zealand conducted a study of sharks off the coast of New Zealand.

In the study carried out in Chatham Rise on the east coast of New Zealand in 2020, 3 species of sharks previously known to scientists, bioluminescence (living creatures produce and scatter light) feature was detected.

The snub-nosed shark (Kitefin), which can grow up to 180 centimeters, became “the brightest vertebrate known”.

The researchers stated that the species described as “luminous giant shark” may have the feature of scattering to protect against threats.