Third place in the ‘Young Space Entrepreneurs’ competition

Kuthan Çelebi, who studied at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that space has attracted his attention since childhood.

Stating that he had the chance to take part in many projects during his education at the university, Çelebi said, “I participated in the Young Space Entrepreneurs competition organized by the Students for Exploration and Development of Space, an international organization. I teamed up with two people from Ontario and Quebec and developed the project. As a result of the competition, we were awarded the third prize among the teams participating across Canada. Thanks to this award, which was determined by a distinguished jury, we achieved a success that could attract the attention of investors. he spoke.

Çelebi stated that the project in which they were awarded will reduce costs in space studies and said, “Many scientific studies, certification and space tests developed by scientists around the world are waiting for space tests. This process is very long and quite expensive. hourly wage is 130 thousand US dollars. ” said.

Explaining that the project they developed includes a series of robots and automation systems based on automating these processes without the need for astronauts, Çelebi said, “This both eliminates an expensive and long process and brings the conclusion of scientific studies in a short time.” used the expression.

Çelebi stated that they met with space agencies and many leading companies from Canada, USA and Europe during the competition and adapted their projects according to the needs and opportunities of the sector.

Pointing out that a scientist doing cell research in the field of biology has to wait in line for years and wait for his experiment to be sent to space, Çelebi said, “This is because they can obtain engineering and testing services that will make their experiment ready to go to space through expensive bureaucratic processes. and we aim to offer them to scientists with cheap hardware products. ” he spoke.

Kuthan Çelebi noted the following:

“As a result, we have created a range of services and products that can reduce the high cost and time of millions of dollars of exploration in space without gravity by several times. Since many of the conveniences we have on earth are not available in space, products sent to space need to have many extra features. We also have these systems. undertaking the engineering design, we offer the opportunity to focus on just try to scientists. the development of space industry in Turkey, and finally I am following with interest the 10-year program of Turkey space Agency. my’ll learn in the space field experience I wish to use to benefit my country in the future. “