Things to do for safe use of Instagram

The Department of Combating Cyber ​​Crimes of the General Directorate of Security took action after the accounts of many Instagram users, especially famous people, were stolen.

The SİBERAY program, which was launched to guide citizens for safe internet use, was informed about the safe use of Instagram from their social media accounts.

In the sharing, the things to be done in order to prevent account theft, capture of personal data and fraud incidents were listed.

Accordingly, firstly, an up-to-date, two-step verification method and a strong password should be preferred for Instagram accounts.

With untrusted / public Wi-Fi networks, phones or computers that are not owned by the person should not be used and every application that accesses the account should not be allowed.

The password of the Instagram account must consist of at least 8 characters, use uppercase and lowercase letters, contain special characters (?, * .-) and this password should not be shared with anyone.

Finally, the two-factor authentication method should be used when logging into the Instagram application.

Beware of fraud under the name “Pandemic support”

In addition, it was warned to be careful about the deceptive messages sent to phones through the social media accounts of the SİBERAY program.

It is stated that fake sites and applications created under the name of “Pandemic support” or similar names are for the purpose of downloading malware.

It was emphasized that the announcements not made by the authorized institutions and organizations should not be respected.