They will make it out of sea saliva! Fertilizer, pesticides and …

Muammer İRTEM-Mehmet İNAN / BURSA, (DHA) | Monday, May 10, 2021 – 17:46 | Last Updated: 10 05 2021 – 17:46

In Bursa Technical University (BTU) Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Bioengineering Department laboratories, studies are carried out to develop biotechnological products from sea saliva. Stating that they have been working on sea saliva for a long time, Prof. Dr. Mete Yılmaz said, “We will try to increase its yield by adding the fertilizer made from sea saliva to the soil.”

Sea saliva, which started to be seen in the Marmara Sea in February and has been effective for about 3 months, caused anxiety. Bursa Technical University (BTU) Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Bioengineering Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Mete Yılmaz accelerated the work of laboratories to bring micro algae, which is the source of sea saliva, into the economy.

Prof. Dr. Yılmaz, with research assistant Kübra Şentürk and doctoral student Vesile Esra Dökümcüoğlu, made the samples taken from sea saliva pure by performing microbiological, toxicological and chemical tests. It is aimed to use the sea saliva, which will be developed according to the laboratory results, as fertilizer, pesticide and cleaning material.

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Prof. Dr. Mete Yılmaz, “Mucilage is a structure that can be formed by various microorganisms. Especially micro-algae and plankton in the sea can multiply excessively when the environmental conditions are met, and some of them can secrete mucilage. If we consider the Marmara Sea in particular, the increase in temperature due to the pollution pressure and climate change in the Marmara Sea can increase the reproduction of these creatures.

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When living beings reproduce excessively, mucilage secretion becomes intense and what we call sea saliva occurs. We have been working on the mucilage structures created by such creatures for many years. We know that we can shift these into various fields of biotechnology. For example, they can be used to increase yields in agriculture, improve the properties of the soil, or can be used in environmental cleaning after drying due to their heavy metal holding capacity. Moreover, some mucilage structures can be used as pharmaceutical raw materials.

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It has antiviral and antibacterial properties. After this incident in Marmara came to the fore, we put the samples we collected through various tests. For example, we do their chemical, microbiological, toxicological analysis. We separated the mucilage material from other substances and purified it. In later stages, we will examine their ability to be used as biopesticides. In this project, instead of chemicals used against harmful insects in agriculture, it is aimed to develop a new substance that can be degraded in nature and does not harm people and the environment. We will also use mucilage here. We will also try to increase its productivity by adding it to the soil ”.

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Stating that they are working on the system to collect sea saliva, Prof. Dr. Yılmaz said, “Special harvesting machines are required to be collected from nature and transformed into a useful product. We are in contact with various engineering units to design systems where we can harvest mucilage and microalgae. “They are collected and prevented from harming the environment and it is aimed to turn them into a product.”

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