They use it the most! They all appointed representatives

One of the most user with 5 social media applications in Turkey with Twitter’s announcement that it will assign a representative who has the most users in Turkey have appointed representatives of all social media applications.

Opinion on “social law” as known under the arrangement, the number of social media companies stating that he would appoint representatives to Turkey is increasing.

entered into force on 1 October 2020 Turkey Regulation of Internet in Made Broadcast Media and the Publications Committed Through the Law on Combating Crime under the Act Amending the heavily used Facebook in Turkey, Instagram (Facebook), prostaglandin links, VKontakte (VK), YouTube (Google), Dailymotion, TikTok Spotify, Netflix and digital technology companies such as Amazon Prime Video, was among the companies that decided to open a representative office in Turkey.

In the beginning the process of advertising bans appoint representatives in Turkey just Twitter, Pinterest and Periscope, while the appointing representatives on Twitter shortly after the pre-sentence narrowing the bandwidth to be implemented joined the social media platforms in between. Periscope in March, with an explanation of the world in general would stop their activities in Turkey was no longer appoint representatives outside of social media company Pinterest.

Turkey is the country with the most Twitter

According to the correspondent of the information online statistics portal compiled from data contained in Statista, as of January 2021 the world on Twitter, while most countries using 69.3 million with the United Giants, Turkey # 7 on the list with 13.6 million Twitter users.

We Are Social and prepared by Hootsuite “Digital 2021” According to reports on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook is the most used in Turkey after 5 draws attention as a social media application. This decision, together with one of the most widely used platform Twitter in Turkey, will have to take the penalty bandwidth throttling to be implemented soon.

Sanctions were imposed on those who could not appoint a representative

Regulation of Internet of Things Publications and Via These Issues Crimes Committed to Combating Turkey without daily access with the introduction of the Law on Amending the Law into force of more than 1 million foreign-source social networking providers, identifying at least one person as a representative in Turkey obligation was imposed.

Under the law platform 5 to open a representative office in Turkey it has decided to be phased sanctions. In this context, social media platforms that did not open representation offices were fined 10 million TL as the first stage and 30 million TL in the second stage. After the 30-day penalty expired, advertising bans came for social media platforms that still did not open representative offices.

In the event that the necessary obligation is not fulfilled within 3 months from the date of the advertising ban decision, the BTK President will be able to apply to the peace judge to reduce the internet traffic bandwidth of the social network provider by 50 percent.

In the event that the said obligation is not fulfilled within 30 days from the implementation of the judge’s decision regarding the acceptance of the application, the President of the BTK will be able to apply to the peace judge to reduce the internet traffic bandwidth of the social network provider up to 90 percent.

Social network providers, if they agree to open a representative office in Turkey, 75 percent of the fines imposed on them until the day he will be forgiven. With the law, problems such as “taxing the digital economy”, “content”, “addressing” and “security” originating from social media are planned to be overcome.