They turn the dust into national armor! – Science Technology News

According to the information obtained by the AA reporter, technical ceramics, which are produced using high purity powders with tightly controlled compositions and targeting specific micro structures, provide superiority compared to traditional armor systems with their advanced features such as lightness, high hardness, compression and abrasion resistance.

Light armor structures with higher levels of protection can be obtained by using technical ceramics (boron carbide, silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, titanium diboride), which are also used in armor solutions, with composite fabrics.

Different ceramics should be used in armor solutions according to requirements such as weight, cost and multi-shot. For this purpose, different ceramics are produced by sintering with some methods and sometimes using composite powder recipes.

Turkish defense industry company Nurol Teknoloji has been operating to produce advanced technical ballistic ceramics since 2008. The company continues its journey, which started with advanced technical ceramics, with ballistic solutions for all platforms needed.

Nurol Technology produces tungsten carbide ceramics for civilian use as well as alumina, silicon carbide and boron carbide ceramics. In its journey to ballistic solutions with its own silicon carbide and boron carbide powders, the company, which manufactures from raw material to final product under one roof, is the only company in the world with this feature.

Turkey’s sole manufacturer of advanced technical ceramics company, the name of Turkey thanks to boron carbide ceramics produced by the processes of self-developed prints were among the few countries in the world in this field.

Ballistic protective plate, vest, hand shields, handbag, vehicle armor plates

Machines, skilled human resources, quality infrastructure, accredited ballistic laboratory and R & D Center with personnel protection, vehicle protection, the company produces ballistic solutions for structural protection areas, and primarily in Turkey, important in protecting human life with ballistic protective products used abroad takes on tasks.

Nurol Technology, which produces ballistic protective breastplates, hand shields, visor sets, vests, handbags, offers protection platforms for military land, air and sea vehicles and construction equipment. The company creates safe living spaces for security guards working in different conditions and geographies with mobile armored containers and structural protection solutions.

In particular, a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) the supply of raw materials after the outbreak and raw materials from the products taken into account difficulties in production when, having that ability and hence local and national ballistic manufacturer Nurol greatly reduce Turkey’s foreign dependence Technology and to contribute to the national economy is aimed. ???????