They produce 3D devices that make life easier

10 students, who opened a workshop in Esenyurt with the support of a philanthropist, produce various tools that will make daily life easier, from robotic coding, 3D printers and broom guided by voice commands to robots.

Under the leadership of 19-year-old Mesut Delen, who graduated from the Department of Electricity at Istanbul University, students work on 3D printers in a workshop rented by a philanthropist who is not indifferent to their requests for help.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Mesut Delen said that he and his friends opened a workshop with the support of a charitable elder.

Explaining that they produced projects in the workshop and made robotic coding, Delen said, “As you have seen, our 3D printer helps us to print our drawings.” said.

Preparing for university entrance exams, graduate of Gürpınar Anatolian High School Informatics Department, Kaan Avcı stated that they made useful tools in the workshop.

Stating that they use robotic coding and various printers, Avcı said, “We are coding the robots you see here thanks to the 3D printer, we invented robots and vacuum cleaners that work with voice commands. First we draw on the computer, then we apply it. We will continue to make new inventions by adding what we have learned in school to our skills.” he spoke.

Melih Budak, a student of Istanbul University Electronics and Electrical Department, stated that they first designed and drew 3D models.

Stating that they print from these projects, Budak said, “The visuals you see on the screen are our drawings. We print them on the printer and realize our projects.” said.

Emrecan Ural, a student of Kıraç İMKB Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School Metal Department, also expressed that he loves dealing with science.

Explaining that they are currently working on the smart broom project, Ural said, “People will be able to sit in their seats and direct the broom to work with voice commands. This will be one of our new inventions. It is a work we have developed especially to facilitate the lives of disabled people.” he spoke.

Mertcan Talay, a student of Tekirdağ Namık Kemal University Faculty of Civil Engineering, explained that they managed to control the entire system of the workshop by sending voice commands to his mobile phone in line with their possibilities.

Stating that he can operate electronic and electrical devices with robotic coding and voice commands over the phone, Talay continued as follows:

“Normally, we can do this without a phone, by giving commands with our naked voice, but our situation does not allow it because of the high costs. We do it with bluetooth on the phone right now. I say ‘turn on the heater’, I say ‘turn off’, it turns off. As you can see, the music is turned on. We are now listening, we can change the channel with the voice command, reduce or increase the volume. We can do other things. Also, we can manage the whole system in the workshop here. “

Baran Karababa, a student of Rosvita Timur Imrağ Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, stated that they wore a prosthetic arm to the robot and said, “We designed this for our soldiers and police who lost their arms in operations, but we can improve it in different areas.” said.

“Why shouldn’t these kids make SİHA?”

Neighbors in the neighborhood of the workshop also support the inventor students’ work.

Stating that he is proud of the young people, Saffet Gümüş, one of the residents of the neighborhood, said, “Why do not these children make SİHA, why not make UAVs. Please hold them in their hands and take them with you, I believe they will do better things.” He spoke in the form.