They aim to produce in the laboratory! Work started

Tezcan SOLMAZ / DÜZCE, (DHA) | Thursday, April 22, 2021 – 17:24 | Last Updated: 22 04 2021 – 17:27

A study was initiated by Düzce University for the cultivation of lamb belly mushroom in a laboratory environment. Director of the University’s Traditional and Complementary Medicine Center Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Kaya said, “If we raise this, we will be the first in the world.”

In Düzce University Traditional and Complementary Medicine Center mushroom laboratories, studies are carried out for the cultivation of mushrooms, which are used both as food and as medicine, in a culture environment. In this context, studies have been started on the mushroom of lamb belly, which has not yet been cultured in the laboratory environment. Prof. dr. Ertuğrul Kaya, stating that lamb belly mushroom is preferred in Europe, said, “It grows quite a lot in our country. This year, the price has increased considerably because it grows less in its natural environment. The prices are very high compared to the normal food mushroom prices. The prices of the dry state are increasing even more. Around 3 thousand liras per kilogram. ” said.

Prof. Dr. Ertuğrul Kaya, stating that they think that the lamb belly mushroom lives with some plants in the nature with mycorrhomas and therefore cannot be grown in a culture environment, said, “It is thought that mycorrhiza lived with some plants. For this reason, it could not be produced. We collected different species. From Düzce, Aegean and Mediterranean forests. We collected samples and started our studies on non-mycorrhizal ones. We started a sample study regarding production studies. We succeeded in the production of the example. We have now transferred the compost to the compost. Our work continues to find the best compost medium. ” he spoke.

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Stating that if the studies are completed successfully, for the first time in the world, lamb belly mushroom will be grown in a laboratory environment. Dr. Kaya said, “Scientists working on this subject are among themselves the opinion that nobody can produce it, the one who does it will be very popular, the one who does it will be very successful. We will be the first in the world in this regard. We are very hopeful in this regard.” said.

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