There is that name among 40 scientists! NASA’s …

İskender Güngör / COLOGNE (DHA) | Friday, May 07, 2021 – 17:44 | Last Updated: 07 05 2021 – 17:44

Turkish astrophysicist Akın Yıldırım will represent Germany among the 40 scientists selected to take part in the infrared space telescope The James Webb Space Telescope, which NASA will launch on October 31st.

Turkish scientists Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin and Dr. Following Özlem Türeci, news that made Germany proud came the second time. Scientist children of Turkish immigrants have once again demonstrated how beneficial they can be both to Germany and to the world.


Turkish astrophysicist Akin Yildirim will represent Germany in the work on the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA’s new telescope that will replace the Hubble Telescope. Astrophysicist Yıldırım, who worked as a research assistant at the Max Planck Institute of Astrophysics in Germany, managed to be among 40 scientists working in the James Webb Space Telescope, which will be launched into space on October 31.

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It was stated that Akın Yıldırım’s family was one of the first generation of Turkish workers who migrated from Tunceli to Germany in 1960 and his father worked on the assembly line at a famous automobile company. It was noted that Turkish astrophysicist Yıldırım, who was born in Stuttgart, was interested in space sciences and astrophysical physics from an early age until this time. Speaking to the German press, Yildirim said, “We are lucky to have the opportunity given to us to achieve everything we want in Germany. The support I received from my teachers was even more important.” stated that he was honored to be a part of the team that could observe. On the other hand, the James Webb Space Telescope, NASA’s infrared space telescope that can examine the state of stars millions of years ago, cost $ 8.8 billion.