There are thousands of undiscovered viruses and bacteria on public transport

According to the news in the New Scientist magazine, more than 900 scientists and volunteers conducted a study on public transport in 60 cities around the world.

Within the scope of the study, samples taken from public transportation vehicles in 60 cities between 2015-2017 were evaluated.

Scientists examined 4 thousand 728 samples obtained from the public transport systems of many cities from London to Sydney, Santiago to Tokyo in a laboratory environment.

The research revealed that the microbial profiles of the cities and the species and density of the bacteria and viruses obtained differ greatly.

In addition, it has been determined that 10 thousand 928 viruses and 1302 bacteria have not been discovered so far in samples obtained from many public vehicles, including subways and buses.

On the other hand, scientists stated that microbes are a part of the ecosystem in which they live and that this situation should not create fear.

The research was published in the journal “Cell”.