The world’s first biodiesel generator was manufactured in Turkey!

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated that Arken Power Generation gave them a good news, “They have produced the world’s first fully biodiesel fueled generators as a prototype. They plan to sell this especially to sectors with environmental concerns.” said.

Visiting Arken Generator’s factory in Istanbul, Alaaddin Birkan Yüksel, the company’s Chairman of the Board of Directors, gave information about the work they carry out and the company’s future plans.

The world’s first full-powered generators with biodiesel were produced in Turkey

In statements after the inspection at the factory Varank frequent production facilities in Turkey, factories, noting that visited the new initiatives, “reached from our friend here socially me the media. Mr. Minister, ‘Do us can also visit?’ they said. I came too. ” used the expression.

Stating that Arken Generator Factory is an initiative founded by 3 electrical engineers who are graduates of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Varank said, “I was impressed by the efforts and efforts of our friends. Despite having a short history, Arken Generator is an important brand that has started 3 people and currently employs 300 people. have become. they are from exports 50 percent of its turnover. 72 countries from Turkey to a company that sells electric generator. ” he spoke.

“The economy of our country is developing day by day with the efforts of our entrepreneurs”

Mentioning that the generator industry is changing day by day, Varank stated that not only generators based on diesel and gasoline engines, but also hybrid solutions are used, they are solutions based on solar energy.

Varank pointed out that one of Arken’s greatest strengths is that they can do specific, project-specific works that can be called “tailor-made”, “We talked about how we can benefit from them in our future projects. They gave us a good news. They produced the world’s first fully biodiesel fueled generators as prototypes. They plan to sell this especially to sectors with environmental concerns. ” found the assessment.

In Turkey, underlining that a major manufacturing country Varank, he continued:

“With the efforts of our young minds and entrepreneurs, the economy of our country is growing and developing day by day. Here, we have seen how an enterprise founded by 3 ITU entrepreneurs turned into a big brand, turned into a factory. I am really pleased with what I see here. I congratulate our friends. Inshallah, Arken we see the brand in 172 countries, not 72 countries of the world, they obtain more of their turnover from exports. “

Varank, entrepreneurs visiting every part of Turkey, stressing manufacturers will continue to visit, he said:

“We’re doing more due to this reason. There are frequent criticism of the opposition. They say, ‘Is there production in Turkey, have factories in Turkey?’ But their minds remained in the past, when only the state built a factory. There is no country in the world that establishes a factory itself. Maybe there is North Korea, but no G20 country in the world is now building factories as a state. The private sector supports entrepreneurs. they provide added value. “

“We are interested in hybrid solar systems”

Arken Power Generation Chairman Yüksel stated that they set out with the idea of ​​creating value for the country and the nation, and said, “While producing our standard generators, our engineers are working on automation and synchronization related issues. We have prototyped our generator that works with 100 percent biodiesel. found in the description.

Arken Power Generation, a first in the world, was founded in Istanbul in 2012 by Alaaddin Birkan Yüksel, Recep Aşırok and Kemal Teryaki, who are graduates of Istanbul Technical University Electrical Engineering.

The biodiesel generator, the prototype of which is produced by Arken Generator, a company with 100% Turkish capital, is based on the principle of recycling diesel consisting of animal and vegetable waste. Arken Power Generation, which also received the patent of the generator that is powered by 100 percent biodiesel, plans to commercialize its prototype in the medium term.