The way of domestic and national helicopters was opened

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), which carries out a series of projects for civil and military helicopters that Turkey needs, has taken an important step to bring domestic and national helicopters to its customers by obtaining the design organization qualification for large helicopters.

TUSAŞ Organization Approvals Manager Yetiş Uysal told the AA correspondent that certification studies are a process in which airworthiness is documented and will be completed with the receipt of the type certificate given to the aircraft or helicopter.

Pointing out that the design organization approval certificate obtained from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation is a document that certifies the adequacy and competence of the designing organization before the type certificate, Uysal said, “We are proud to have received this. In the background, the flight tests of the Gökbey helicopter continue intensively while the tests of the parts and software continue. We monitor them with the latest technology with test devices, record them, analyze them and check whether they fulfill the requirements of the certification one by one. After we finish these, we will submit them to our General Directorate of Civil Aviation and we will receive the helicopter type certificate from them. This will be the last step that ends the process as our second certificate. ” said.

Stating that the design organization approval is a class-based certificate, Uysal stated that they received this certificate in the small aircraft class on the occasion of Hürkuş in 2014. Uysal said: “This time, on the occasion of Gökbey, we are buying for large helicopters. Every time we develop a small aircraft or a large helicopter from now on, we have the design organization approval, we do not need to get it again. We will need to obtain the type certificate separately for the aircraft or helicopter we will develop. We will not need to get the preliminary certificate.”

“Important documents in the world market”

Emphasizing that the type certificate reveals that the aircraft and the helicopter are airworthy, Uysal said, “Proving that an aircraft is safe means actually enabling users to buy it with peace of mind. Therefore, this certificate also tells you that it is airworthy and at the same time, you are a guarantee of ensuring the continuity of airworthiness These are very important documents in the world market for the user to safely get on and buy the helicopter for sale.” made its assessment.

Yetiş Uysal gave the following information regarding the completion of the certification process of the Gökbey helicopter:

“We will speed up the flight tests in the coming days. When we complete these and submit them to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and get their approval, the process will be over. I can say that this will not be a long time, because our flight tests are continuing intensively at the moment.”

Explaining that Gökbey was developed as a helicopter that can perform many civilian tasks and meet the needs of military users, Uysal stated that the military equipment required by different missions will also be certified and integrated into the helicopter. “We are coming to the market with this helicopter with many variations and configurations,” said Uysal. said.

“Our apple of the eye, we work with love and devotion”

TUSAŞ Flight Line Chief Technician Abdurrahman Uğurlu said that they carried out the planned activities so that the helicopters arriving on the flight line could operate safely. Uğurlu stated that they tried to prepare the helicopter in the best way in accordance with aviation quality rules and entrusted it to the pilots.

Stating that they carried out the planned maintenance and repairs of the equipment with a team of 19 people, Uğurlu explained that they also carried out the controls of the aircraft after the flight and prepared it for the next flight.

Uğurlu said, “We are excited to work on this project and we love our aircraft. We are the apple of our eyes as well as our country and our company, we work with love and devotion. We also feel the responsibility that our company has given us on our shoulders. We think it is a very good project for our country.” he said.