The test of the engine to be used for the lunar voyages has been completed.

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket program manager John Honeycutt told reporters that the test of the rocket engine to be used for lunar expeditions was successfully completed at the Stennis Space Center in the US state of Mississippi.

Honeycutt noted that SLS engines operated for about 8 minutes showed the desired performance in the tests.

The SLS rocket is expected to be sent to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and then integrated into the Orion spacecraft.

NASA also tested the RS-25 engines developed for the Artemis 1 mission in January, and the test phase was below the data collection period.

NASA also aims to organize manned voyages to the Moon until 2024 as part of the exploration mission called the Greek Moon goddess “Artemis”.

After the expeditions planned to continue until 2028, it is aimed to establish a space station in lunar orbit and to organize manned expeditions to Mars using it as a step.