The success of Turkish defense industry products draws attention

President of the Presidency of Defense Industries, İsmail Demir, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the sustainability of the defense industry largely depends on exports.

Pointing out that Turkey has ambitious targets in defense industry exports, Demir said, “We believe we will achieve our goals. Our armed unmanned naval vehicles (SİDA), one of our most successful examples, took the first step. Field successes of our products play a very important role in their sales.” said.

Demir pointed out that Bayraktar TB2 SİHAs will fly in the skies of Poland after Ukraine, Qatar and Azerbaijan, and emphasized that it is an important situation to sell SİHAs to a member country of the European Union and NATO.

Noting that Poland made this purchase by making an unprejudiced assessment and considering the historical relations between the two countries, Demir continued as follows:

“There is no room for any doubt about the quality and operational strength of our products. This purchase was very fast. The time between the start of our contacts and the purchase was very short. This showed how closely they followed us, had knowledge about the products and acted without prejudice. “We thank Turkey both for their friendship and for the willpower they have shown. They will see that this step they have taken has made a great contribution to them. Turkey’s cooperation models in the defense industry are more open, friendly and based on goodwill than any other country can offer.”

“They put an embargo on us, then we came to our senses, we started to produce the local one.” Expressing that his opinion is not completely true, Demir stated that they expect the present to come with the will of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Demir pointed out that there was no such thing as “They didn’t give us the drone camera, so we started right away.” “It is not something that can happen in a few weeks anyway. We foresee that there may be obstacles, especially in strategic and technological areas.” he said.

Demir noted that Turkey should be independent, especially in technological and strategic fields.

“We don’t import strategic products anymore”

Explaining that the cost in these areas remains in the second and third plans and that independence is more important, Demir said:

“For this reason, we are working on every issue that we see as strategic. We will overcome any obstacle that can be created in this or that subject today, if not tomorrow. Turkey’s biggest power in forming an independent policy is the defense industry, its independence. We do not import strategic products anymore. We also export these products.” Because one of the pillars of sustainability is economy. You can afford all kinds of costs on some issues, but this is not sustainable in a very wide area.

Demir stated that Turkey will also be a remarkable player in the defense industry, which has been dominated by some countries for years.

Noting that the Presidency of Defense Industries is in a structure that follows the technology and offers solutions to the security forces, Demir stated that they are trying to build the future as well as support and keep the defense industry sector alive.