The sound during the flight of the mini helicopter was recorded

NASA has released photos and video taken by one of the navigation cameras on the Perseverance vehicle.

In the video, the sound of the mini helicopter flying over Mars is heard very little.

In a statement made by NASA, it was stated that the flight of the mini helicopter took 108 seconds, and it was flying at an altitude of about 10 meters.

The reconnaissance vessel Perseverance sent to Mars and its mini helicopter Ingenuity

Built at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California and powered by plutonium fuel, the Perseverance probe landed on Mars on February 18, about 7 months after launch on July 30, 2020.

With the most advanced technological features among the vehicles sent to Mars, $ 2.4 billion was spent on infrastructure works for the realization of Perseverance’s new mission on the Red Planet, and $ 300 million was spent for the system that enabled the vehicle to land and operate.

The mini helicopter Ingenuity, sent with Perseverance, made history as “the first aircraft to be flown on another planet” with its first successful flight of about 1 minute on April 19th.

Ingenuity, which carried out a total of 4 flights and weighed approximately 1.5 kilograms, stayed in the air for about 2 minutes at an altitude of 5 to 6 meters from Perseverance on each flight and sent the images taken with the color camera on it.

Because the density of the atmosphere on Mars is about 1 percent that of Earth, NASA engineers used ultra-light materials to lift the Ingenuity off the ground, and 4 propellers, each 123 centimeters long, spinning faster than required on Earth.