The sale has become widespread! Legal protection request

Bodies found in millions of years, the history of fossil trees in available information about climate and plant species in geological time, 18-23 million years before widespread in Turkey, including giving information about the history of 160 million years ago to the present day in the forest.

While the detected fossil forests are tried to be protected by scientists working in this field and the General Directorate of Forestry, a group of people who collect petrified tree remains are also selling on social media.

Professor of Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Forestry, Department of Forest Botany. Dr. Ünal Akkemik said that recently, on social media platforms, many plant and animal fossil specimens were densely collected and even sold as tree opal.

Emphasizing that such fossil trees are very important in terms of natural history, Akkemik said, “We are faced with questions such as how much money can be earned on social media platforms, there is a situation that goes into commercial dimension.” said.

Stating that scientists need permission to work in fossil forests, Akkemik continued as follows:

“I got permission for a new project. Nature Protection and National Parks to receive a sample of rock from the fossil forest areas in Turkey, we need permission from the Directorate General. We’re getting even allowed to do scientific research, but citizens is appreciated. This business is going in an uncontrolled manner. There are well-intentioned people who do it to protect them, collecting and collecting. There are well-intentioned people trying to bring out this beauty of nature. There are those who say. There is no control over how they are collected and sold. “

“Fossil forests are not sufficiently protected”

Akkemik, expressed not protected enough in this area, “fossil forests Generating geoparks in the world on the protection. But there is no statutory provision for them in Turkey. There are places a lot of geoparks declared. Placed Çamlıdere geopark was proclaimed signs, but is not protected. Plenty in Seben A fossil research forest has been declared within the General Directorate of Forestry. There is also a responsible person there. Even there, those who went took the scraps away. ” used the expressions.

Stressing that it is important that awareness of people about the natural history Akkemik, “One concern is that a return to trade. Very favorable mining laws in Turkey convert Commerce. Taylor, I’m operating as sand and quarrying saying let you get very easily. In areas where this form of fossil tree is very easy to damage livable.” he spoke.

“No legal barriers to buying and selling fossil trees”

Foresters’ Association of Turkey Vice President Khosrov Özkara, all kinds of animals and plants is the natural assets of the fossil, said that they provide information about the different geological periods.

Stating that some of the geosites where these fossils were found have been granted protection status, but this is not enough, Özkara said that the fossil tree issue was dealt with in Article 23 of the Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Heritage, but this remained on paper.

Stating that according to the law there is no harm in buying and selling these fossils, the state with the priority right can buy them by paying the price when they are important, and said, “There is no legal obstacle for citizens to buy and sell fossil trees. It is bought as a souvenir first, but as such things become more valuable over time, the trade begins. ” used the expressions.

Stating that such fossils are forbidden to go abroad, Özkara said:

“There is no regulation on fossil trees in the relevant regulation. There is not enough ownership for fossil trees. These areas are unclaimed. Geosites need to be protected both by status and legally. A few prominent geosite areas have been taken under protection. This is entrusted to the future from the past. There is a need for legal and administrative regulations to protect the fields. The subject of tree fossil should be in the working area of ​​the General Directorate of Forestry. “