The production of Deneyap Kart has been completed – Bilim Teknoloji News

According to the Aeronautics, Space and Technology Festival Teknofest statement, Deneyap Card Electronic Development Kit was developed to transfer the infrastructure of electronic programming and internet of things and to realize basic artificial intelligence applications. Powerful processor, durable design and versatile I / O pins with Turkey’s national engineering resources developed using Deneyap Card, “” offered for sale via the website. The Deneyap Card, which is highly anticipated by technology enthusiasts, was introduced by Haluk Bayraktar, the Chairman of the T3 Foundation, at Teknofest, held in Gaziantep in 2020.

Available in 4 products

According to the statement, the card, which is suitable for use by anyone interested in technology at middle school and above, offers its users the opportunity to do projects at all levels from beginner to industrial applications in the fields of electronic programming, internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence. Deneyap Kart Electronic Development Kit also includes autonomous vehicles, smart cities, agriculture, health, logistics, energy, industry and so on. provides the opportunity to develop projects in technological fields.

Users can access the documents they need regarding the card on the website “”. Users who develop projects by producing technology on different and interesting topics can subscribe to the site and share their projects or have the chance to examine other projects.

The Deneyap Card family, which consists of Deneyap Card and Deneyap Camera, is the Deneyap Card Electronic Development Kit, the Deneyap Card, the Deneyap Camera and the Deneyap Mini.