The prices of computer parts went up! The reason is …

Social Media and Digital Security Education and Research Association (SODÄ°MER) President Levent Eraslan told AA correspondent that the transactions made by users interested in crypto money production are called “crypto money mining”.

Explaining that the power of the manufacturer’s computer hardware and graphics cards is reflected in the profit, Eraslan said, “In digital mining, miners create their own blocks and make profit from the blocks they create. Each miner produces a new block, and the production of these blocks is realized by the verification of encrypted transfer transactions.” said.

Eraslan noted the following:

“The blocks contain the currencies belonging to the chain. The stronger systems of the miners in the digital currency’s network make that currency more reliable. For this reason, the users interested in mining need motherboards with better features. The reason is higher processing power. With the increasing popularity of digital currencies and digital mining, the trend towards better technical equipment has increased, and there has been an increase in the prices of computer hardware within the supply-demand framework. “

Prices increased by up to 70 percent

Shuayp Bulur, a tradesman who sells computer parts in Edirne, also stated that the price of some of the hardware in crypto money production has increased by up to 70 percent.

Stating that there has been an increase since the fall last year, Bulur said, “In this period, there is an increase due to the producers. The demand is also very high. Since it could not be supplied to the market, all of the coin mining materials have increased. The most expensive hardware graphics card in coin production. 2-3 thousand liras. A profit in the range of 5-6 thousand pounds in the market is walking towards the range. ” he spoke.

Pointing out that there is a problem especially in the graphics card market in terms of supply and demand, Bulur stated that there is an increase in the prices of the main card and power units as well as the graphics card.