The mystery of the lost planet Theia solved on Earth

The answer to the question that the scientific world is looking for may lie in the center of our planet.

The planet Theia, whose fate has been investigated, is thought to have collided with our planet billions of years ago, and this collision caused the birth of the Moon.

Scientists at Arizona State University in the USA believe that the parts of Theia may be at the center of our planet.

In the depths of our planet is the rock block named ‘LLSVP’. The team thinks the missing parts are here.

One of the rock blocks in question is under Africa and the other is in the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

In the statement made, it was underlined that these blocks surrounding the core of our planet are chemically different and more dense than other rocks.

They collided 4.5 billion years ago

This collision is thought to have happened about 4.5 billion years ago and the cores of the two planets were fused.


Some scientists argue that this collision releases chemicals necessary for the emergence of life on Earth.