‘The living environment can affect the human brain’

AA | Wednesday, April 21, 2021 – 17:23 | Last Updated: 21 04 2021 – 17:26

According to the report of ScienceDaily, scientists from the University of Wisconsin examined the effects of the living environment on the human brain in a study conducted with 601 people.

Scientists found that while people in “backward settlements” saw “brain shrinkage” in dementia-related areas of the brain, the other group did not.

Within the scope of the research, 601 people residing in the state of Wisconsin were followed for 10 years.

In this context, the parts of the brain associated with dementia were measured at regular intervals, and a series of assessment techniques such as memory tests were applied to this group.

Amy JH Kind, one of the researchers, pointed out that there is no definitive method for dementia treatment and that it is important to determine some triggering factors before the disease progresses.

Kind reported that they have obtained satisfactory evidence that the social, cultural and physical conditions in which people live have an effect on “dementia” and “brain shrinkage.”

Citing that his findings indicate that people in backward settlements are more vulnerable to dementia, Kind argued that air pollution, access to healthcare, stressful living and a healthy diet also play a role.

The research has been published in the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, Neurology.