The gene of the Ottoman strawberry is being investigated – Science Technology News

Sinan KABATEPE/EREĞLI (Zonguldak), (DHA) | Monday, May 31, 2021 – 16:52 | Last Updated : 31 05 2021 – 16:52

Çukurova University (CU) Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture, Lecturer Prof. Dr. Ebru Kafkas, within the scope of the European Union project, started gene research to increase the yield, production and durability of the Ottoman strawberry, which is known for its natural taste and aroma. prof. Dr. Kafkas started his studies in the strawberry fields in Ereğli district of Zonguldak.

Within the scope of the project organized by the European Union, Prof. Dr. Ebru Kafkas came to the district of Ereğli in Zonguldak for her work to increase the production, productivity and durability of Ottoman strawberries.

prof. Dr. Ebru Kafkas, together with research assistants Şule Hilal Attar, Ömer Faruk Bilgin and expert biotechnologist Duygu Ayvaz Sönmez, conducted research on the strawberry field of the Ottoman Strawberry Dissemination and Protection Association.

Receiving information from the president of the association, Şaban Çetinkaya, Prof. Dr. Kafkas said that the aroma and smell of Ottoman strawberry is much better than other strawberry types. Stating that the Ottoman strawberry is a valuable type of strawberry known in the world, Prof. Dr. Kafkas said, “Strawberry is very important and the smell of Ottoman strawberry is not found in any strawberry. The whole world knows our Ottoman strawberry. There are 8 major European countries in the project. Together, we aim to transfer the smell and aroma of this Ottoman strawberry to new strawberry varieties. Fragrant, aromatic, high quality strawberries, “We want to develop a variety whose fruit is harder and more resistant to preservation.”

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Stating that from European countries Spain, Italy, France, England, Germany, Belgium and Turkey, expert scientists are involved in the project, Prof. Dr. Kafkas said:

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“There is not only strawberry in the project. There are also blueberries and raspberries. Our aim is, as I said, where does this aroma originate from? Which gene causes the aroma? We will also determine this. At the same time, we will determine the resistance of our genetic resources to drought, salt and diseases. We will look into it. This information is very important for future studies. It has not been done until today. Strawberry has great importance in terms of human health and nutrition. International Strawberry Symposium was held in Rimini, Italy on May 1-5, 2021. About a thousand people attended the strawberry symposium I took part in this symposium from Turkey as a member of the science committee. In most of the studies, it was determined that strawberry has anticarcinogenic properties. Strawberry prevents cardiovascular diseases. It prevents cancer. Studies have shown that people who consume strawberries have less cancer. It is not possible to eat strawberries once.In studies conducted, freckles have been continuously consumed for 6 months. It has been found that cancer is less common in people who use it in their diet. “

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