The ‘flying taxi’ step from the US airline company

The US airline company United Airlines aims to purchase 200 electric flying taxis to transport passengers to its airports.

According to the report of The Wall Street Journal, United Airlines Holdings stated that the air taxi manufacturer, California-based Archer, purchases $ 1 billion worth of flying taxis, in this context, cooperation with the US regional airline company Mesa Airlines is planned. reported.

United and Mesa officials noted that in order to reduce the carbon footprint in the airline industry, the plan to buy 200 flying taxis in 5 years was prepared to transport passengers exposed to heavy traffic on highways to the airport.

It is stated that the taxis in question can fly a distance of around 95 kilometers at a speed of approximately 240 kilometers per hour, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions by almost half for passengers traveling to the airport.

In the agreement on the purchase of flying taxis worth $ 1 billion, it was noted that the regulatory authority approval is required for the purchases to take place.