The first stage of the Turkey Drone Championship has started

32 drone athletes from different provinces of Turkey participated in the first stage races at İpekyolu International Center for Child and Youth Studies. Athletes competed fiercely in order to be ranked in the specially prepared track.

Vehicles that reach speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour, have high maneuverability and are designed entirely based on the user’s control ability took part in the competition.

Governor Erkaya Yırık, in his speech here, said that organizing the first stage of the championship in Elazig is of great importance.

Noting that Elazig has been worn down by the disasters it has experienced recently, Yırık said, “Maybe life stopped for everyone when there was an earthquake on January 24, 2020. But now we see that we are approaching the days where we will forget about the earthquake and look to the future with more confidence.” he said.

Governor Yırık said, “The works carried out here will constitute a very powerful and important step in the national technology move of this country. We have started to see the works in the countries we envied yesterday in this country for the last 20 years. Thank God, there is no turning back from this anymore.” used the phrases.

“Young people of the country have the potential to do the best in every job”

Ömer Kökçam, General Manager of the Turkish Technology Team Foundation, said that the championship is one of the important competitions organized within the scope of TEKNOFEST.

Explaining that they held the first stage of the event in Elazığ, Kökçam said, “24 of the 32 athletes here will participate in the second stage, which will be held in İzmir in August. Then, 16 of our athletes to be selected will participate in the race in TEKNOFEST Istanbul. 2 of our athletes selected among them are the World Drone Championship on behalf of Turkey. will attend.” gave the information.

Emphasizing that the country’s youth have the potential and capacity to do the best in every job, Kökçam said:

“The only thing we need to do is to support and pave the way. This year, we have made a great effort to hold competitions in every field. We have competitions in 35 different fields such as agriculture, tourism, health and artificial intelligence. This year, although we still have ongoing applications, 44 “We received more than a thousand team applications. 44 thousand teams means 200,000 young people and people, out of 5 people on average. It is a great honor to even think that 200 thousand people are busy with these jobs in our country today.”

The first stage of the championship will end with the final races to be held tomorrow.