The first light has come to an end at the Eastern Anatolian Observatory

The observatory works, which were started to be built in Konaklı Karakaya Hills with an altitude of 3 thousand 170 altitudes and supported within the scope of the New Generation University Transformation Project within the Atatürk University Astrophysics Research and Application Center (ATASAM), have come to an end.

At the observatory, where 95 percent of the infrastructure, building and dome construction has been completed, studies are carried out meticulously to eliminate technical deficiencies.

Turkey’s 2023 vision included in the project and compared with peers around the world with more qualified and specialized equipment for the observatory is located, was built in Italy optical telescope system. The telescope, which took about 4 years to build and delivered to Kocaeli Gebze Customs Directorate, will be brought to Erzurum by land after official procedures.

It is aimed to receive the first light next year at the observatory, where the test phase is expected to begin after its installation.

ATASAM Manager and DAG Project Coordinator Prof. Dr. Cahit Yeşilyaprak said to the AA correspondent that due to the epidemic, there were delays and disruptions in both the entry of the foreign investigative technical delegation into the country and the foreign customs permits and transactions for bringing telescope parts.

Greenleaf explaining that the telescope parts brought into the country via the received special permission in accordance with the land and sea, “we bring all parts of the telescope to Gebze Customs Directorate. Was delivered in Erzurum when there are complete, and so the telescope will be fully into Turkey. Only 4 meters in diameter to be covered by our large mirror It was in Russia, and it will set off around the end of June. As soon as the road opens at the DAG in early June due to snow, we will raise the mechanical parts of the telescope so that the installation begins. said.

Yeşilyaprak pointed out the importance of the asphalt road that should be built as soon as possible to DAG and stated that the mirror from Russia will be transported with the asphalt of the road.

Yeşilyaprak stated that the first tests will be started with the completion of the telescope installation and said, “The test process takes a long time, since we will set up the telescope for the first time in its own place, we will pass all tests such as mechanical, optical, electrical-electronic, balance and software. We have no parts outside except the mirror. We have completed the phase. ” he spoke.

“The eyes of the world are in the completion of DAG as soon as possible”

Yeşilyaprak pointed out that the telescope has very important technological equipment and said:

“Our telescope is equipped with technological devices in terms of sensitivity, resolution, quality data and images that are not available in other telescopes of this diameter 4 meters class. We are strategically at a good point, there are no other large telescopes of this diameter in these latitudes and lengths, so there is more It provides the opportunity to carry out joint projects in Chile, Hawaii and the Canary Islands, where large telescopes are located, and we will also have the opportunity to observe in an area that is infrared, which the human eye cannot see or be sensitive to. It provides great advantage. That’s why the eyes of the world are in the completion of DAG. “

The device that examines the planets around the stars was also received.

Yeşilyaprak stated that the tender for the coronagraph device that examines the distant planets around the stars has been completed and said, “We bought the coronagraph device 2 months ago. This device is an optical device that will detect and examine the other planets, other solar systems, in the subject of the popular astronomy and space sciences. device. We brought this to DAG. At this latitude and longitude, we had a great advantage not only positionally, but also in terms of having such featured devices. ” He spoke in the form.

Explaining that the DAG building was completely closed with its dome and it was completed, Yeşilyaprak said, “If we complete the telescope installation, we will be 100 percent finished when the tests are finished. We call it the first light. After receiving the first light, we will announce the readiness of the telescope to the whole world and begin scientific research. ” said.

“We want to complete the missions given to us in the National Space Program”

Yeşilyaprak reminded that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke about DAG at the National Space Program Meeting and made the following assessment:

“And to finish us the duty in the National Space Program as well as the telescope to be present at international level on the upper level than Turkey in terms of scientific and we are counting the days to serve with Optomechatronical laboratory will be established. The pandemic continues, we are working in the external environment, we observe atmospheric conditions and work We plan accordingly. We have provided the hygiene environment as much as possible at DAG, if we continue by taking all the precautions like last summer, we plan to get the first light at the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022. “

Stating that ATASAM cooperates with different institutions and that despite the epidemic, significant progress has been made in DAG thanks to the planned and programmed studies carried out with the university administration, Yeşilyaprak, University Rector Ömer Çomaklı, also said that the academic space sciences within the scope of the New Generation University and the National Space Program, He added that he gave great support in administrative and technical terms.