The expert warned: Social media should be read correctly

gave | Tuesday, February 16, 2021 – 16:09 | Last Updated: 16 02 2021 – 16:09

With the development of technology, social media has become an indispensable part of people. Social media expert Yunus Sedat Aydın pointed out that the platforms should be used correctly and said, “Today, digital information pollution has increased. Social media should be read correctly. We must stop believing in every information presented to us, ”he said.

Speaking about the unknown sides of social media, Yunus Sedat Aydın stated that the information pollution in digital is increasing and it will be useful to verify the information we come across from other platforms. Stating that not everything may be as it seems, Aydın said, “We live in the digital age. In the current period, almost everyone has smartphones and social media accounts to which these phones are connected. Many of us devote a certain amount of our time to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Of course, we encounter new information every day on these platforms. Unlike traditional media, digital media are open to all kinds of information pollution and rumors. “Unidentified users can make different claims and change the agenda,” he said.


Stating that in such cases, the biggest role belongs to people, Aydın said, “Now, we must stop believing all the information presented to us. It should be our most basic principle to question the news we encounter and to investigate whether they are correct or not. Brands or people with the power to set the agenda from time to time produce campaigns to guide people. The content that appears to be right at first glance is used to manage and direct people. When you look later, you see that your thoughts about the relevant brand or person are shaped ”.


Emphasizing that social media demands attention, Aydın said, “When you get rid of all this information pollution, if you use it for the right purpose, the digital world turns into a blessing. Far from making your voices heard by sharing your daily activities or hobbies, we can access many useful information on the internet for free. Unlimited useful content is available to us users for those who want to gain new skills, improve themselves and reach their goals. I suggest all my friends to use social media with this awareness ”.