The era of ‘domestic production’ begins in the modern pentathlon

In his statement to the AA correspondent, Veli Ozan Çakır, President of the Turkish Modern Pentathlon Federation, gave information on the effects of domestic laser weapon and target systems, the first mass production of which was carried out with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Industry and Technology, on the development of this branch.

Emphasizing that the use of laser weapons and target systems has become very important especially in the last period, Çakır said, “After the format change in the modern pentathlon, running and shooting branches were merged. The format we call ‘laser’ was switched to the format in which laser shooting is performed during running. This is the last stage of the competitions. The most decisive stage is actually laser weapons. The only equipment unique to the modern pentathlon is laser weapons. In order for this sport to spread, to be practiced by many athletes, and for young people in the infrastructure to be interested in this sport, they need to be introduced to laser weapons and target systems at an early age.” said.

“We reduced the cost to 1 in 10”

Noting that these products were purchased at very high prices when imported, President Çakır said, “The cost of laser weapons and target systems was very high because they were imported materials. If you try to import a weapon from abroad, there are models that start from 20 thousand liras and go up to 30 thousand liras. “With this domestic production of ours, we have reduced the cost to 1/10. As the Federation, we will be able to purchase 500 guns with a budget of 50 guns and distribute them to many provinces. This is how we will be able to introduce many of our athletes and our candidate athletes to the modern pentathlon.” made its assessment.

President Veli Ozan Çakır, underlining that Turkey has become the third country to manufacture laser weapons and target systems, said, “There were two countries in the world that produced these equipments. One is a Czech company and the other is a Finnish company whose owner is from the USA. We are also the third country. “As soon as our announcement was made, we received very positive reactions when we launched it. We even received a message from the Venezuelan Modern Pentathlon Federation regarding the price information of products. Apart from that, we receive very positive feedback from abroad. In a sense, we have created a product that can be an export item.” he said.

“It will make the modern pentathlon popular”

Mentioning that many citizens will have the opportunity to meet this sport more easily after the mass production of the products, Çakır said, “As the Federation, we will create an economic enterprise after the general assembly we will hold following Tokyo 2020 and ensure that these weapons meet with our citizens. Apart from this, we already meet the needs of our national athletes as a federation. “We also provide material support, especially laser weapons, to our successful clubs. We will now be able to do this on a larger scale. With the equipment to be distributed to our provincial directorates, we will now create areas in many provinces where people can meet with laser weapons in the modern pentathlon.” used the phrases.

“Made in Ankara”

Çakır said that the two ministries gave great support to them in the domestic production of laser weapons and target systems, “These weapons came out with the joint work of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Industry and Technology. I would like to thank both of our ministries. We will observe. It is produced in Ankara. We have many small businesses that have a share in the production of this weapon. Each of them deals with a part of the weapon. When you look at it, you see a small-sized weapon, but there are many parts in it. It is a product that includes technological and physical workmanship. Therefore So many groups came together to create this product.” he said.

Noting that he believes there will be a great expansion in the pool of athletes in a short time and successes will increase rapidly, Çakır said, “Things will get easier for us. We will have a much larger pool of athletes. The number of athletes who participated in the Turkish Championships three years ago has doubled today. Probably 1 -It will fold again in 2 years. The brand face of our sports will be competing in Tokyo 2020 Many new and successful athletes such as İlke Özyüksel will be in our squad in a short time thanks to these investments. This sport is very new in Turkey. We are still in the first generation. Athletes and trainers “We have disadvantages, such as a small number of them. We started to overcome them one by one. One of the most important problems was the equipment. Five sports are together and the equipment of all five is a separate cost. With these products, we have significantly reduced the cost.” expressed an opinion.

Mentioning that many people contributed to the production phase of the product, President Çakır said, “The families of trainers and athletes also contributed to the realization of this project. No one expected an economic return from this project, everyone contributed voluntarily. We can say that this is a product of the Turkish modern pentathlon family. ” made a statement.

“We produce target systems that will give the least errors”

Çakır stated that domestic laser weapons and target systems have many advantages compared to their counterparts abroad and continued his words as follows:

“Especially when our target systems are used in daylight, they are among the systems that are least affected by excessive light. In international competitions, even in high-level competitions, there may be problems with target systems. In this sense, many problems have happened to us and different countries in the championships that give points to the Olympics. In indoor and outdoor environments. , we produce target systems that can be used comfortably in all weather conditions and will give the least errors. We have ergonomic and modular models in our weapons. We produce equipment that can be used not only in our branch, but also in skiing, shooting and biathlon training. In case of a malfunction, instead of changing the weapon completely, we produce the equipment of that section. Athletes want to see where they hit the target or where the shot goes, especially when they shoot during training. A software that can work wirelessly and faster than other weapon and target systems in transferring these to the screen and computer environment. we have These are great advantages for us.”

“We are continuing our efforts for domestic fencing clothing”

Underlining that they continue to work on domestic production in different categories of the modern pentathlon, President Çakır said, “Running, shooting, swimming, fencing and horse riding. All of them are costly branches. In this sense, we also have studies. Especially in fencing. We continue to work on domestic fencing clothing. We are working on a local fencing suit of at least 350 newtons that we can use in training and Turkish championships. We will then continue to work on fencing clothes that can be used in international competitions. These are about to be concluded. We have a scoreboard system that we need in fencing competitions and training, which works wirelessly. It is also costly. It is a product. Our aim is to enable everyone to easily access this sport, not those with a certain financial power.” used the phrases.

National athletes are very pleased with the decrease in equipment costs

National athletes İlayda Demir, Melis Altın and Yağız Ak, who tested the product, emphasized that they were very pleased with these developments.

İlayda Demir stated that they had many difficulties in the previous periods due to the fact that they could not find laser weapons in training, “Many of my friends competing in the junior category had to quit the sport because they could not find laser weapons. Weapons could not be supplied. What was done is a big step. I believe that we will achieve very good grades in this way. ” made a statement.

Melis Altın, who has been involved in this sport for five years, said, “Laser weapons are very expensive and we could not reach these equipments because our financial situation could not afford them. Thanks to this development, many new friends will join the modern pentathlon.” he said.

Yağız Ak stated that the use of new laser weapons is easier and more comfortable than their counterparts.