The effectiveness of aircraft bombs has been increased with national technology

With the national technologies developed within the Turkish defense industry, the efficiency of the equipment used by the security forces is increased.

President of the Presidency of Defense Industries, İsmail Demir, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that efforts are underway to increase capability simultaneously with the mass production of guidance kits developed and produced with domestic facilities.

In this direction, Demir stated that the adjustable Proximity Sensor, developed by ROKETSAN with national resources, is used with the national guidance kit Teber mounted on the particle-effect MK-82 General Purpose Bomb, adding, “Thus, the effectiveness of our aircraft bombs that reach the target with high precision was increased.” said.

Teber Laser Guidance Kit is being integrated into MK-81 and MK-82 general purpose bombs to increase their striking capability.

Teber turns its general purpose bombs into an intelligent weapon system using the Inertial Measurement Unit, the Global Positioning System and the semi-active Laser Seeker Head (LAB).

With the semi-active LAB that can be attached to the nose at any time, Teber provides the weapon system with precision strike capability against moving targets.

TEBER guidance kit munitions integrated into F-16s can also be used with unmanned aerial vehicles such as Aksungur and Akıncı, which have high payload carrying capacity.