The deepest points of the oceans in the world have been measured in detail

According to the news of the BBC, the deepest points of the seabed of the Pacific, Atlantic, India, Antarctic and Arctic oceans were investigated with the work carried out within the scope of the “Five Deeps” project.

During the 10-month study, a distance of 87 thousand kilometers was covered and 39 dives were performed with the unmanned deep diving vehicle “Limiting Factor”.

The deepest points are 8 thousand 376 meters in Puerto Rico Trench in Atlantic Ocean, 10 thousand 925 meters in Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean, 7 thousand 192 meters in Java Trench in Indian Ocean, South Sandwich Pit in Antarctic Ocean. It was measured as 7 thousand 434 meters in the Arctic Ocean and 5 thousand 550 meters in the Molloy Depth in the Arctic Ocean.

Heather Stewart, one of the experts working on the “Five Deeps” project, noted that over a 10-month period they mapped an area the size of France and studied a previously unassumed sea floor the size of Finland.