The decisions of the generation Z take shape on social media

Assoc. Dr. Berrin Kalsın told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the generation Z, known as “births after 1996”, are “digital natives who never remember the world that existed before smartphones.”

Stating that the need to be accepted by his environment and to be a member of a community is counted among the basic characteristics of Generation Z and 2 out of 5 people are easily influenced by the views of others, Kalsın said, “Can easily access the internet, live in network connection, born in the world of advanced technology with the abundance of information at their fingertips. Generation Z, considered the first generation, states that they are constantly online and do not feel safe without a mobile phone. ” said.

“Generation Z is a force to be reckoned with”

Assoc. Dr. Berrin Kalsın stated that the generation Z, which spends more time with mobile phones rather than desktop and laptop computers, lives in contact with what is happening in the world contrary to popular belief.

“They are clearly focused on global and pervasive issues that will affect future generations. They are a very intelligent generation and are constantly watching what is going on around them. They are open to the world’s problems and openly express their willingness to make a difference. Like the environment and climate change or race and gender discrimination. We are confronted with a generation that is trying to speak more than all generations on matters of concern. To see this, we only need to look at the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who is mobilizing on climate change and collaborating with governments around the world. We can say that it is a power to be considered when it comes to the issue. “

Emphasizing that social media is very important for the Z generation, Kalsın stated that this generation’s life habits are eliminated from these platforms as well as their decisions regarding politics are shaped in these environments.

Let it be, “All digital content on the subject in general is effective in the voting practices of this generation. A YouTube video broadcasted only 30 seconds from a 1-hour speech of a politician on social media can completely change the whole idea of ​​this age group about that candidate.” He spoke in the form.

“Generation Z describes itself as progressive and democratic”

Ibn Haldun University Faculty of Communication Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Kalsun stated that this generation, which has been providing civic participation from digital media environments since 2014, defines themselves as “progressive” and “democratic” and made the following evaluations:

“However, there is a factor of Kovid-19 that should not be forgotten. The pandemic has reshaped the social, political and economic outlook of many countries, and this generation has serious concerns about the future these days. Generation Z is particularly severely affected by the first weeks and months of the coronavirus crisis. In this process, they or one of their households may have lost their job due to the epidemic or had a salary cut. It would not be wrong to say that parties that can bring solutions will come one step ahead. “

“Politics also needs to keep up with this change”

Assoc. Dr. Berrin Kalsın pointed out that communication styles are changing day by day thanks to the developing technology, and while the previous generation Z tried to adapt to this change, the Z generation could easily integrate these innovations into their daily life styles.

Stating that many issues from politics to diplomacy are carried out through digital media, especially after 2016, Kalsun emphasized that the Kovid-19 process accelerated this trend and that digital use increased in this process, including the age of 65.

Stating that messages transmitted using these platforms rather than traditional channels can reach their place more easily and quickly, Kalsun said, “In this case, not the language of politics, but its place has changed and politics, like all other fields, must adapt to this change. The mass media, which it uses to gather around the same purposes, have changed shape many times. Therefore, this change is neither the first nor the last. What needs to be done here is just to keep up with the times. ” used the expressions.