The deadline for the TEKNOFEST Digital Technologies in Industry Competition is March 15!

AA | Sunday, March 14, 2021 – 17:23 | Last Updated: 14 03 2021 – 17:28

In the Digital Technologies in Industry Competition organized for the first time this year within the scope of TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, projects developed with a fast, reliable and innovative approach and compatible with the digital transformation experienced in the industry will compete. With the competition organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, it is aimed to increase the interest of young people in producing and developing national technology.

With the digitalization of the industry all over the world, our country’s ability to maintain its competitive power in international markets is only possible with the integration of digital technologies into the industry. In this context, with the Digital Technologies competition, high value-added solutions that increase the competitiveness of our country by increasing efficiency, quality, speed and flexibility in production processes such as production, planning, stock management, procurement, marketing, management and decision support, logistics, energy use in the manufacturing industry. comes out.
Digital Transformation with Digital Transformation in Industry

With the digital transformation in the industry, the use of robots in manufacturing processes is becoming more common day by day. In the competition, the competitors are expected to build robots that can be used in factory interior logistics or warehouses, can carry loads from one place to another by following a certain line and path, and provide the specified scenario and technical requirements. High school, higher education (associate degree, undergraduate and graduate) students or graduates (high school, associate degree, undergraduate and graduate) can participate in the competition, which consists of two categories: Basic Category and Advanced Category. Competitors in the Basic Category in which high school teams can participate; The guided robot is expected to complete the assigned tasks by controlling it manually and by means of the confirmation button when necessary. In the Advanced Category, the competitors are asked to map the determined course, confirm the road to the correct point by means of the data matrix, and complete the course by ensuring the ramp up and down with speed control. The winners of the competition, where the deadline for applications is 15 March, will be 110,000 TL in total.

Continue to Support Youth on the Path of #MilliTeknoloji Move …

Way to go that’s creating awareness of science and technology in the entire society ever since Turkey’s science and aims to increase its trained human resources in the field of engineering TEKNOFEST, continues to support the work of the youth’s future technologies. In order to increase the interest of young people in producing and developing national technology, a total of over 7 million TL is provided to the teams that pass the pre-selection stage this year in order to support the projects of thousands of young people working in these fields. Teams that compete in TEKNOFEST and qualify for the rankings will be awarded more than 5 Million TL.

TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival in Turkey Technology Team Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology executive, including Turkey’s leading technology companies, the public, organized in conjunction with 71 stakeholder organizations that media organizations and is also the university. To be a part of the TEKNOFEST Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, which will be held in Istanbul again between September 21-26, and to make your applications. It will be enough to visit the address.