The countdown has begun at Izmir Technology Base! will compete with the world

An area of ​​approximately 180 thousand square meters in İzmir was combined with the corporate structure of Informatics Valley and was determined as the ‘İzmir Technology Base’ additional area. The Presidential Decision on the subject was published in the Official Gazette. IZTECH Rector Prof. Dr. Yusuf Baran said that they will host the technology corridor connecting 2 important cities such as Istanbul and Izmir, and noted that they will make a very important contribution to the education, science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Explaining that IZTECH, which has the third largest campus in Turkey and is the only research university in the Aegean Region and one of the most successful research universities in Turkey, was given a birthday gift on 10 July 2021 by the decision of the President. Dr. Reminding that IZTECH was founded on July 11, 1992, Baran said, “As IZTECH, we continue our education and research activities in 3 faculties, 18 departments and approximately 50 graduate doctorate programs whose language of instruction is 100% English.

This project is a project that has been talked about for many years, that will change the fate of İzmir and that will contribute to Turkey’s economic growth. The world is experiencing an era of digital transformation. Generating knowledge is not a problem, but we need to transform. We plan to have Turkey and İzmir as an important destination in qualified brain drain, and as a base where the information technologies to be produced in this region and the value-added products in the products exported by Turkey in the international arena are produced.

With the Izmir Technology Base project, we are establishing a twin sister of the IT Valley in Gebze, in Izmir. We are creating a very strong technology corridor that starts from Istanbul and continues to Izmir.”

Stating that they continue to work on the allocation of the relevant region for the Izmir Technology Base and the announcement of the technology development zone, Prof. Dr. Baran said, “On the one hand, our studies such as ground surveys and earthquake analyzes were continuing. We have also started the project work of the building to be built in this region. Therefore, we are aiming for the acceptance of companies by laying the foundation very quickly and finishing our building in 1 year. We want him to continue on his way as an important actor in the changing world.”


Stating that approximately 10 thousand full-time R&D personnel will serve in an area of ​​179 thousand 500 square meters on the Izmir Technology Base campus, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Baran noted that at the point of reaching the targets for 2023 and beyond, the import-export balance will be transformed in favor of Turkey, and it will become a strong destination in qualified brain drain. Stating that the allocation of the land was made by the institute and the buildings to be built on it would be realized by Bilişim Vadisi, Baran continued as follows:

“We will continue on our way with pre-incubation, incubation and advanced R&D companies as in our current Technopark. We will provide support in every sense to our entrepreneurial youth who have a business idea but do not yet have a commercial product and are not incorporated.

We will enable our young entrepreneurs to settle in Technopark by making free space for them in the pre-incubation and by covering their expenses. In incubation, we will support the business idea to turn into a commercial company and product with the support of institutions such as the Ministry of Industry and TUBITAK. In the next phase, there is a transformation into a company that grows and becomes a brand.”


Explaining that 67 percent of the world’s 500 largest companies either disappeared from 1947 to 1997 or were bought and deleted by larger companies, Baran argued that by 2030, 40 percent of the world’s 500 largest companies that could not achieve their digital transformation would suffer the same fate.

Baran stated that as IZTECH, Izmir’s rivals are not Istanbul, Kocaeli, Kayseri or Denizli, but that Izmir should compete with Berlin, New York and London, “Increasing the power of Izmir in this competition is only possible with information-based technologies. Izmir Technology Base It will bring qualified companies from the world to this region and provide qualified brain drain, thus contributing to the development of our young people and enabling them to become representatives of companies with international brands.

We know that 66 percent of the students we graduate from IZTECH work in the private sector, 6 percent are entrepreneurs and 28 percent work in the public sector. Our main goal is to raise 6 percent. We are raising leaders who create jobs, not job seekers, and export, not import,” he said.