The coronavirus outbreak is also on the agenda of TÜBİTAK!

TUBITAK Vice President Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yozgatlıgil said that international supply chains, supply-demand balances, producer-consumer behavior, business methods, working models, education and training methods and daily life are changing rapidly.

55 percent of female researchers

Emphasizing the importance of revealing the social context in order to better control the global pandemic and be prepared for the effects, Yozgatlıgil reminded that TÜBİTAK has made a special call titled “COVID-19 and Society: Social, Human and Economic Effects of the Pandemic, Problems and Solutions”.

Yozgatlıgil stated that 97 projects were supported within the scope of the call and that the ratio of women researchers in the projects was 55 percent.

Stating that the outputs of the projects in question will be shared at the event, Yozgatlıgil said:

“At the event, where we will discuss the social effects of the epidemic, we will share the findings, goals achieved and predicted contributions from the projects supported within the scope of the call. 13 topics that touch every aspect of life, including pandemic and family, economy, psychology, distance education, the elderly, urban life and culture and arts. We think that besides medical approaches to preventing and treating the spread of Kovid-19, social and human sciences will make a significant contribution to the solution of the problems triggered by the epidemic. “

Yozgatlıgil stated that researching the current and future effects of Kovid-19 from the perspective of social and humanities is important within the scope of better management of processes and more effective planning of resources.

Expressing that 26 sessions will be held in the event, where high participation from universities and public institutions is expected, Yozgatlıgil stated that the event will be broadcast live on TÜBİTAK’s YouTube channel.