The calendar has been announced! Minister Varank shared

Ministers Varank, Twitter account, “Turkey will remain at 50 billion dollars.” gave information about the priority products to be supported under the Technology Oriented Industry Move Program.

Expressing the details of the calls to be made within the scope of the program with infographic, Varank said, “We support investments that will produce 919 products with high technology or intense foreign trade deficit, within the scope of the Technology Focused Industry Move Program.” used the expression.

According to the infographic, selected from “chemistry”, “computer-electronics and optics”, “machinery”, “pharmacy”, “electrical equipment”, “transportation vehicles”, “medical device” or other sectors that are critical for the development of the sector in these 7 fields. 919 products and innovative areas were determined.

While selecting the products, basic criteria such as contribution to the current account deficit and export potential, product complexity and concentration indices, value added per investment, product forward and backward linkages were taken into consideration.

Investments within this scope will be provided with various supports, including investment location allocation, energy and capital support, VAT exemption, qualified personnel support and tax reduction.

4 calls will be made

Within the scope of the program, it is planned to make 4 calls in 2021. The “Call for Mobility” will be launched in March-April regarding investments in transportation vehicles, electronics, electrical equipment and machinery sectors.

With the “Health and Chemical Products Call” to be launched in the May-June period, investments in priority products in the pharmaceutical, medical device and chemical sector will be supported.

Within the framework of the program, the call for “Digital Transformation” will be made in July-August period, and “Structural Transformation in Production” call will be made in September-October period.

Detailed information about the “Technology Oriented Industry Move Program” can be found on the address “”.

An investment of 2 billion lira was supported in the machinery sector

Within the scope of the program, in the first stage, with the call opened in the machinery sector, high-tech product investments such as servo motors, CNC machines, additive manufacturing machines were supported.

With the Communiqué on the Amendment of the Priority Product List Communiqué, which entered into force on February 27, published in the Official Gazette, lists of products to be supported in order to ensure domestic production or increase production capacity in 7 focus sectors were announced within the scope of the program.