The British will count stars to determine whether the quarantine reduces light pollution

According to the report of The Guardian, in a joint statement made by the Rural Foundation (CRPE) and the British Astronomy Association, to determine whether the quarantine applied due to Covid-19 reduces the light pollution in the night sky, the public from their gardens, balconies on a cloudless night on February 6-14, They were asked to look up through the doorway and even their bedrooms and count how many stars they could see in the constellation Orion.

In the statement, it was stated that the data obtained from this application will be used to secure a darker sky, protect wildlife and enable people to see the stars in the sky more clearly.

In the statement, which was described as “citizen scientists” to the participants, it was underlined that the participants will help to map the best and worst places in terms of night darkness in England while enjoying the sky by counting the stars in the constellation Orion.

The statement noted that the data to be obtained this year will be compared with the findings of 2020 to see what kind of impact the quarantine has had. In the census held in 2020 before the Covid-19 restrictions, 61 percent of the participants were reported to experience severe light pollution.

Crispin Truman, Director of the Rural Foundation, whose views were given in the statement, highlighted the importance of the organization. Truman said, “The dark sky is very important for our health and wildlife. The quarantine we are exposed to due to Covid-19 reminds us of how precious the countryside can be. People join the star count and oppose the government for more protection of often overlooked but vitally important rural areas.” It will help us campaign. ” used the expression.