The amount of e-Invoices issued in the Kovid-19 outbreak doubled

The efficiency and cost advantages provided by information and communication technologies are also used extensively by the GİB in the business processes of taxpayers.

Transferring the services offered by the automation infrastructure to mobile platforms in order for taxpayers to fulfill their tax obligations more easily and with the least cost, enables the services provided by the GİB to be carried out in an electronic environment in an easy, fast and effective manner, regardless of time and place.

In this context, while almost all tax returns of taxpayers were received electronically, as of the end of 2020, approximately 106 million tax returns were submitted.

The number of taxpayers benefiting from the e-invoice application increased by 77 percent compared to the previous year to 332 thousand 400, and the number of e-Invoices issued increased by 52 percent to 366 million 655 thousand 334.

The amount of these e-invoices doubled last year (with an increase of 106 percent) to reach 9.9 trillion lira, covering the Kovid-19 period.

On the other hand, 19 thousand 297 taxpayers used the e-Invoice application with the integration method, and from the beginning of the application to this day, 93 companies successfully completed the tests specified in the technical manuals and received “special integrator” permission.

As of the end of last year, 300 thousand taxpayers were included in the e-Invoice application through private integrators, and during this period, 13 thousand 100 taxpayers issued e-Invoices through the GİB Portal.

870 million lira savings

In addition, with the e-Notification System, which ensures that the notification process, which is extremely important in terms of tax practices, is carried out within seconds and without any room for dispute, the need for taxpayers to visit tax offices is reduced and information security is supported by the measures taken within the scope of combating the Kovid-19 epidemic. and the reliability of the document to be notified was strengthened with the protection of personal data belonging to taxpayers.

From the opening of the system until the end of last year, 28 million for 1.8 million mandatory income taxpayers, 16 million for 840 thousand compulsory corporate taxpayers, 2.1 million voluntary natural person to taxpayer 14.5 million, 233 thousand voluntary legal person taxpayer 3.5 million 62 million 536 thousand 984 e-notifications were sent.

While the total number of users in the e-notification system exceeded 5.1 million, a total of TL 153.3 million in 2020, and a total of 870 million 539 thousand 978 TL was saved from the day the system was put into use until the end of last year.

On the other hand, the number of taxpayers who applied to use the e-Ledger application and were allowed to use the e-Ledger application as of the end of 2020, from the day it started, was 203 thousand 410.

Number of e-Archive users exceeded 321 thousand

In the e-Archive application, which was developed to allow taxpayers, who issue a large number of invoices and create a heavy burden for them to physically store their second copies, to create, transmit, preserve and submit invoices electronically, the number of registered private integrators increased to 86 as of 2020.

In addition, the number of users registered to the e-Archive application reached 321 thousand 700 as of last year.

e-Ticket and e-Check made easy

While 189 taxpayers benefited from the e-Ticket application, which was developed to allow taxpayers, who issue a large number of tickets and have difficulty in keeping their second copies in physical environment, to arrange, transmit, preserve and submit tickets electronically, the number of e-Ticket special integrators was 20.

With the e-Probe System, polling and auditing activities were started to be carried out with mobile devices. With the use of mobile devices, taxpayers were able to respond quickly and effectively to all kinds of incompatibilities. In this context, 1.9 million e-Check transactions were carried out last year.