Telegram is not as reliable as it is said!

From the moment WhatsApp announced that it would adopt a new policy, it has faced reactions from millions of people. Telegram, one of the competitors of WhatsApp, which postponed this decision but is still determined on the ‘data policy’ point, was the application that millions of people recently passed.

Last year, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov made a statement that “using WhatsApp is dangerous.” At this point, danger bells began to ring for Telegram, which is said to be more satisfied as security.


More than 500 million Telegram users are the new target of hackers in a newly released security report. There are warnings to millions of people who are said to be under cyber threats.

Facing similar cyber threats to WhatApp, which is connected to Facebook, Telegram also hosts fraudulent links.

It has a much more complex structure than competitors such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage and Signal. Its architecture currently serves more than 500 million users through a spider’s network of connected endpoints and its own cloud system. It provides a number of other advanced features, including its own “bot platform” with seemingly unlimited groups and channels.

As Telegram explains, although it is said that “ bot accounts are Telegram accounts used only by software, ” new research shows that it is not.

Check Point, which also published the new Telegram alert, said, “Over the last three months, 130 cyber attacks using malware managed by attackers through Telegram have been found. It allows hackers to send even when Telegram is not installed or used. Malicious commands and transactions can be done remotely through the instant messaging application.

The threats that occur look like e-mail campaigns or sweepstakes. As Check Point reported, it doesn’t matter whether you install it or not. When a prepared e-mail attachment is opened on a user’s Windows PC, the hibernating Telegram bot manages the connections to the attacker’s command and control server by managing the attack. Thus, the user is hacked.

Still, it is reported that this situation is not new. This type of use of Telegram bots goes back many years and no definitive solution has yet been offered.