TEKNOFEST brings young people together with biotechnology and innovation

According to the statement made by the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival (TEKNOFEST), biotechnology, which is considered one of the newest and most important research areas of the world in the 21st century, also takes part in TEKNOFEST technology competitions.

The “Biotechnology Innovation Competition”, conducted by TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center (MAM), covers the technological applications of biological systems that are of interest to a wide spectrum from basic sciences such as physics, chemistry, mathematics to engineering and applications. Applications for the competition, which is organized in two separate categories, Project and Idea, will end on March 15, 2021.

In the idea category of the “Biotechnology Innovation Competition”, where high school, associate degree, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students can participate, teams are expected to conduct original studies in the field of biotechnology and present them on theory, while in the project category, teams are expected to transform their work in biotechnology into any prototype product.

TEKNOFEST continues to compete young people in many special fields

TEKNOFEST, where more competition categories are opened every year compared to the previous year, continues to compete and develop young people in many special areas such as “Biotechnology Innovation Competition”.

Turkey performs the competition in the history of the largest award-winning technology teknofest “Biotechnology Innovation Competition” in young people is waiting for great prizes.

In the project category, the first team will receive 17 thousand TL, the second 12 thousand TL, and the third team 7 thousand TL. While the first team from the university teams competing in the Idea Category will receive 15 thousand TL, the second 10 thousand TL, the third 5 thousand TL, the first high school teams participating in the competition will win 12 thousand TL, the second 7 thousand TL and the third 4 thousand TL prize.

35 different technology competitions await young people

TEKNOFEST, which organizes 35 different competitions this year in technology competitions, is organizing the Mixed Herd Simulation, Communication Technologies, Fighting UAV, Artificial Intelligence in Health, Tourism Technologies, High School Students Pole Research Projects, Agricultural Unmanned Land Vehicle, Industry Digital Technologies Competitions for the first time.

TEKNOFEST, which supports the projects of thousands of young people working in these fields by aiming to increase the interest of young people in producing and developing national technology, provides material support of more than 7 million TL in total to the teams that pass the pre-selection stage this year. Teams that compete in TEKNOFEST and qualify for the rankings will be awarded more than 5 million TL.

Aviation, Space and Technology Festival TEKNOFEST, Turkey Technology Team of the Foundation and the Ministry of Industry and Technology executive, Turkey’s leading technology companies, the public, organized in conjunction with 71 stakeholder organizations that media organizations and is also the universities.

You can visit “https://teknofest.org/yarismalar.html” address to be a part of TEKNOFEST, the Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, which will be held in Istanbul again on September 21-26.