TEKNOFEST 2021 excitement is again in Istanbul

Friday, February 26, 2021 – 15:48 | Last Updated: 26 02 2021 – 16:00

The countdown has begun for the excitement of the aviation, space and technology festival ‘TEKNOFEST 2021’. TEKNOFEST 2021, which will take place between 21-26 September at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, will feature rich activities such as aviation and acrobatics shows, surprise competitions, exhibitions, trainings and an international initiative summit where investors and entrepreneurs will meet. Applications for the Rocket Competition held within the scope of TEKNOFEST 2021 will continue until February 28.

The excitement of TEKNOFEST 2021, the world’s largest aviation, space and technology festival, is starting again. Creating awareness about science and technology in society as a whole, Turkey aims to increase its trained human resources in science and engineering fields TEKNOFEST, the history of Turkey’s largest technology competition happening in the scene.

The Rocket Competition, organized within the scope of TEKNOFEST, is preparing to host students for the fourth time this year in order to increase students’ interest in the fields of space technologies and improve their skills in this field. There are 4 different categories in the competition, which is open to high school, associate degree, undergraduate and graduate students as a team. These categories are; It consists of the high school category (5000 feet), the middle altitude category (10,000 feet), the high altitude category (20,000 feet), and the demanding category (10,000 feet). In the competition, it is mainly aimed to separate the minimum 4 kg payload carried in the rocket from the rocket by various methods after the rockets designed and produced by the teams reach the target altitude, and then to save both the rocket components and the payload by parachuting.

Within the scope of the competition, teams are required to prepare 3 different reports: Preliminary Design Report (ÖTR), Critical Design Report (KTR), and Shooting Preparation Report (AHR). The teams that are entitled to receive financial support after the pre-elimination according to the results of the ÖTR evaluation will be determined according to the KTR results. Teams will be able to make their designs according to a rocket engine they will choose from the Engine Catalogs that will be published after the contest application process ends.

The rocket competition will take place in Salt Lake before TEKNOFEST date, and the winning teams will be announced at TEKNOFEST. Application deadline specified in the competition 28 February 2021, teams wishing to participate are able to address the application of https://kys.turkiyeteknolojitakimi.org.

TEKNOFEST Technology Competitions Will Be Held In 35 Different Categories In 2021

Each year of the opening of more competition categories compared to the previous year and Turkey’s history, the largest award-winning technology competitions TEKNOFEST Technology Competition held this year in 35 different categories. Unlike previous years, Mixed Herd Simulation, Communication Technologies, Fighting UAV, Artificial Intelligence, Culture and Tourism Technologies, High School Students Pole Research Projects, Agricultural Unmanned Land Vehicle, Industry Digital Technologies Competitions are organized for the first time this year.

To support the work of the Young future technologies Rocket from the autonomous system to, in all fields of technology Underwater Systems Agriculture Turkey’s history with the largest technology competition for young people to produce national technology and is aimed at increasing their interest in the development.

It is aimed to provide material support of over 5 million TL in total to the projects of thousands of young people who have passed the pre-selection stage by participating in the competitions. A total of 635 thousand TL worth of prizes will be distributed to the teams ranking in the competition.