Technopark Istanbul supports Azerbaijan! – Science Technology News

According to the Teknopark Istanbul statement, while the agreement contains articles reflecting the future joint activities of the parties, joint high technology parks are planned to be established within the scope of the agreement.

The agreement signed to make the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan a high-tech center includes incubation, acceleration and technology transfer programs and sharing of knowledge and experience in order to raise the level of technological knowledge in the region and to train young professionals.

The statement given to the views Technopark Istanbul General Manager Bilal Topcu, stating Karabakh history of Azerbaijan Innovation Agency for rewriting they are happy to support the work carried out by “high-tech and particularly our experience in deep entrepreneurs in Turkey will transfer to Azerbaijan. Agreement boards to technology parks covered will provide support for the development of high-tech products. in bringing together the scientific knowledge sanay in Azerbaijan, as in Turkey, in the recruitment of young engineers, young entrepreneurs, we believe that we will make significant contributions in the passing errors ideas. ” used the expressions.

High level meetings are planned between Technopark Istanbul and Azerbaijan Innovation Agency in the near future. In these meetings, it is aimed to clarify the scope of the agreement and the steps to be taken.