TAI will break new ground in Turkey

According to the statement made by TAI, the company, which continues its activities within the framework of the National Technology Move, will perform a “full-size static test” (Full scale static-FSST), which enables original products to test critical parts before performing flight activities.

With the GÖKBEY helicopter, which is subjected to a full static test, the company will not only perform the biggest test in the history of the company in terms of volume, but also mark a first for Turkey.

With GÖKBEY, the entire helicopter body will be loaded and critical parts will be tested, while the full-length static test is performed with 96 control channels, while the helicopter body will be loaded at 96 different points and directions.

Sensor data will be collected from approximately 2 thousand channels in the full-length static test, which includes 32 different test scenarios. Collected data will be analyzed by extracting structural strain maps on the body. At the end of the tests, the structural strength limits of the helicopter fuselage will be revealed and the safe flight and certification processes will be initiated.

The tests to be carried out within the scope of the GÖKBEY Project started with 4 engineers in 2014, while it increased 8 times in 2021 and reached 32 engineers and technicians. The facility is equipped with world-class equipment and infrastructure, has a closed area of ​​3 thousand 200 square meters and can perform 60 different tests at 60 different stations at the same time when operating at full capacity.