TAI started delivery for the new generation A320 family

Turkish Aviation and Space Industry Inc. (TAI) completed the modification and production of the first “Section-18” panels of the A321XLR model, designed for long flights of the A320 family of the new generation passenger aircraft developed by Airbus.

According to the statement made by the company, TAI, which has nearly half a century of experience in the field of air structures, continues to be an important stakeholder of the aviation ecosystem, from the design to production of critical panels of new generation aircraft, with its experience and competent workforce.

TAI has further developed the “Section-18” panels, which it started in 1995 for the first time and has completed the production and delivery of a set of 5 thousand aircraft so far. The shipment of the first set of the modified “Section-18” panels, which have been re-strengthened by TAI for A321XLR aircraft, which allows much longer flights, has been completed.

Section-18, which is produced by TAI as a single source and refers to the part where the rear exit door of the aircraft is located, consists of 4 main panels, right-left and bottom-top. There are 1200 detailed pieces in a set panel in total.

The company will complete the production and ship the set of 5 aircraft in the first place.