TAI signed a contract with Ukrainian company for helicopter engine

According to the statement made by Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TUSA┼×), work continues for the helicopter to be developed with the Heavy Class Attack Helicopter Project Agreement signed between the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) and TAI. Another important threshold has been completed for the helicopter, which will have approximately twice the take-off weight of the current ATAK helicopter.

For the heavy class attack helicopter, 14 engines will be supplied with the agreement signed between TAI and Motor Sich. It is planned to deliver the engines by 2025, with the first delivery of 2 units in September 2022.

TUSA┼× General Manager Temel Kotil, whose opinions are included in the statement, stated that they have completed another important and critical stage for the helicopter that will fly in 2023, “We signed the project in 2019 under the leadership of our President of Defense Industry, and a new contract will be signed 2 years later. I hope we will make an ambitious entry to 2023 in the 100th anniversary of our Republic. It will be a year in which almost all of our projects will take flight.” used the phrases.