TAI made its 300th delivery – Bilim Teknoloji news

According to the statement made by TUSAŞ, the Section 19 Barrel unit produced by the company separates the pressurized part of the aircraft from the undepressed part. In addition, this unit integrates important control surfaces of the aircraft such as horizontal stabilizer, vertical stabilizer and direction rudder, altitude rudder.

TAI continues the deliveries of the said units produced within the scope of the Airbus A320 Section 19 Barrel Program. In this context, the 300th delivery was also made.

TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil, whose views were given in the statement, stated that the works in the structural field with their strategic partners Airbus have reached a great cooperation since 2017.

Emphasizing that they continue to continue deliveries by “working like a bee” within the scope of the works they have undertaken, Kotil said:

“The promises given about the delivery schedules in the structural part in the international arena and especially in the aviation field are very important. While we are proud to realize these promises, we have made our 300th delivery in the program we define as Section 19 today. I sincerely congratulate all my colleagues who have contributed to this occasion.”