Tablet PC sales increased 113 percent!

According to the AA reporter’s compilation from GfK research company data, the information technologies sector is one of the most invested areas in the world.

Social contact reduction measures taken against the Kovid-19 epidemic in 2020 also led to a faster increase in the demand for technology, and therefore sales in this sector. The increase in the time spent at home due to the epidemic and the demand for information technology products in line with new needs also reflected an increase in sales in the consumer electronics market.

The size of the consumer electronics market in the world increased by 1.9 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year and reached 799 billion dollars.

While the telecom sector had the highest share with 42.9 percent of the sales in the market, it was followed by big white goods with a share of 20 percent, information technologies with a share of 14.8 percent, television with a share of 11.2 percent and small home appliances with a share of 8.4 percent.

Last year, it was seen that the measures taken against the epidemic in the consumer electronics market in the world greatly affected the sales preferences. In 2020, the groups with the highest increase in turnover were information technologies with 22.3 percent and small home appliances sales with 14 percent, while camera sales lost 18.5 percent.

85 million computers, 44 million tablet computers, 169 million computer accessories, 31 million printers and 228 million cartridges were sold worldwide in 2020.

consumer electronics sales of 12.6 billion dollars in Turkey

Turkey also reflects the pace winning technology to the figures in line with market requirements brought about by the digital transformation of the outbreak Kovid-19.

Growing 1.8 percent last year, 1 million 353 thousand tablets in Turkey, 983 thousand computers, 10.8 million mobile phones, 2.6 million televisions and white goods were sold 7.6 million.

Within the scope of Kovid-19 measures, with the introduction of applications such as remote working and digital distance education, the consumer electronics market grew by 10.6 percent to $ 12.6 billion.

The biggest contribution to the growth in this market was the information technology and office products group, where sales increased by 83 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year. Sales in this group reached 1.4 billion dollars last year.

The preferences of the consumers staying at home increased the sales in the telecom sector by 9.4 percent, the sales of large white goods by 4.2 percent, and the sales of televisions and cameras by 3.3 percent.

Computer sales increased 65 percent, tablet sales increased 113 percent

While the retail sales of laptop and desktop computers were 595 thousand in 2019, it increased by 65 percent to 983 thousand in 2020, when the Kovid-19 epidemic was effective.

Last year, education continued to be largely digital, leading to the evolution of consumer purchasing behavior from computers to need rather than desire. The sales of tablets, which are the most useful products for distance education, increased by 113 percent in 2020 compared to the previous year and reached 1 million 353 thousand units.

On the other hand, it was noteworthy that 3.1 million computer accessories (14 percent increase) and 314 thousand printers (23 percent increase) were sold in a year.